A photo has fans convinced two favourite Bachelor and Bachelorette stars are dating.

“Omg please.”

“Now that’s a great match if ever I saw one.”

“Omg it’s happening!!”

“They look sooo cute together.”

“Omg! We called it! Beautiful!”

Reading those comments, you’re probably not surprised that Bachelor and Bachelorette fans across the country have gone into meltdown at the thought that two of their favourites could be dating each other.

Second runner-up in Georgia Love’s season Jake Ellis has sparked rumours that he is dating fellow Bachelor contestant and woman who formerly vied for Richie Strahan’s heart, Faith Williams.

The speculation has come after both Ellis and Williams uploaded photos with each other on Instagram, appearing at Cirque du Soleil on Thursday night.


Ellis did little to quash rising excitement from fans about the potential for a new match, writing alongside his image, “Amazing night last night at the premiere of KOOZA by Cirque Du Soleil with this gorgeous chick.”

Former Bachelorette contestant Courtney Dober added greater fuel to the fire, commenting on Ellis’ photo, “You guys are the hottest new couple on the block.”

While Bachelor‘s Noni Janur wrote, “Saaaa cute.”

What’s more, another commenter wrote: “Omg saw them together today shopping.”

If that isn’t enough to give you the slightest inkling that something could be brewing, another fan commented on Ellis’ photo claiming to see the duo together shopping on Friday.

Jake Ellis, Faith Williams, Noni Janur and Clancy Ryan, all contestants from this year's Bachelor and Bachelorette. Image: Instagram.

So, where is Williams in all of this? She appears (for now) to be firm on the side of friendship, which makes the whole scenario just a little bit awkward for fans and Ellis alike.

"Just to put some rumours to rest Jake and I are JUST FRIENDS," she wrote underneath her image, alongside the hashtags #mates, #friends and #homey.

Because if there's any tag that's going to make you feel like you don't have a shot in a blossoming relationship, it's probably being called "homey".

However, lest a relationship actually is brewing between the two former realty TV contestants, geography is certain working for them, with Williams a Brisbane native and Ellis a Gold Coast resident.