Behold: The quintessential red flag that you're raising a bogan baby.

Chances are photos of you wearing a baby headband exist in this world.

We’re sure, like ours, the good old family albums that are trotted out whenever your mum has the chance are chock full of headband-y photos.

There’s no doubt the hair (or in a baby’s case, head) accessory is popular, but is it actually an indicator of a certain type of person?

One mum has asked just that, posting a plea for backup on Mumsnet when her husband oh so rudely told her the cute headband she’d put on their daughter’s head was in fact very bogan.

“Please settle an argument for me. Are headbands on baby girls chavvy? [My husband] was outraged I put one on [our daughter] and said they’re chavvy. I don’t think they are!,” she wrote on the mothers forum, clearly looking for reassurance that baby headbands are adorable.

*If you’re not well-versed in British slang, a chav is the English equivalent of an Aussie bogan.

Sadly, she did not get the response she was after. Because pretty much all of the respondents deemed headbands to be about as bogan as it gets.

This baby's face says it all, really. Image: Getty.

"I don’t personally like them as I think they are tacky!" said one person, adding, "I would never put such a thing on my [daughter]."

"Personally I think they’re utterly ridiculous and look horrendous," added another.

"Yes, chavvy and dangerous. If they slip down over a small baby's face they can suffocate," wrote one commenter.

Another reminded the mum her child is not a dog, in case she didn't already know that.

"It’s awful. Please don’t do this to her, she’s not a Yorkshire Terrier. And if I were here I’d find it really irritating," they wrote. (If anyone has photos of Yorkshire Terriers wearing headbands we... wouldn't be opposed... to them being sent to our submissions inbox.)

It went on, and on. And on. Because it would appear the mum was the only one who didn't get the bogan memo about baby headbands.


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"I agree with your husband. They look very tacky indeed. They can be cute provided the baby actually has some hair though."

"Awful, why does a gorgeous baby need that thing on its head!"

"They are chavvy... personally I love chavvy, and if I have a girl next time they will be resplendent in a tutu and headband from the second they are born."

"Don't like the word chavvy, but I think they look awful, sorry."

"I think they are dreadful, and would not be seen on any baby of mine. Up to you what you dress your baby in though!"


Do you think baby headbands are bogan, or dangerous? Did you ever dress your baby in one?