"Where's this last baby?" Inside the twisted tale of Josh Reynolds and Arabella Del Busso's relationship.

The media storm surrounding the relationship between NRL player Josh Reynolds, and his ex-partner Arabella Del Busso, has been nothing short of intense.

For months, there has been plenty of speculation about what happened between the two, and what has emerged resembles the story line of a Netflix series or true crime podcast.

On Sunday night, Del Busso spoke about their relationship for the first time during an episode of 60 Minutes.

Reynolds and Del Busso appeared on 60 Minutes. Post continues below video.

Video via Channel Nine

West Tigers player Reynolds was charged and later acquitted of domestic violence after Del Busso, whose real name is Donna Preusker, took footage showing Reynolds verbally abusing her to police.

In the footage, Reynolds shouted at Del Busso as she sat on his bed, saying she “scared the f*ck out of [him]” and asking her to leave.

“Can you get out of my house. I want you out now. I want you out now or I’m going to f*cking flip it,” he said.

Then it emerged Del Busso, 30, was accused of faking three pregnancies and miscarriages throughout their relationship. She also allegedly duped Reynolds out of money with lies, including the false death of her mother.

Reynolds’ legal team told a Sydney court Del Busso had a history of deception, and had used aliases to allegedly exploit several former partners who came forward.


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The charges against him were dropped in February.

During Sunday night’s show, Del Busso said she was “setting the record straight”.

“Especially with headlines, you know, people think I’m a psycho, they all think I’m crazy,” she said during the show.

Reynolds and Del Busso met in 2018, and their relationship began after Del Busso claimed she was pregnant with twins following their one night stand.

She said she was looking forward to becoming a mother, and the couple even had a gender reveal party.

But Reynolds, who was also interviewed for the story, said he felt things quickly turned a “bit fishy”.

“The things that really got to me, hurt me, were every time there was a scan, there was always an excuse,” he said.

Reynolds also said he wanted to meet Del Busso’s obstetrician, but each time he requested to, she “shut it down”. 60 Minutes found the obstetrician and discovered Del Busso had seeked an ultrasound scan in November 2018. However, it was not because she was pregnant. She had told the obstetrician it was because she wanted to be an egg donor.

In January 2019, Del Busso told Reynolds she had miscarried.

“At that stage I was so into this whole relationship, baby thing that I was hurting so much. It broke me,” Reynolds said.

Soon after in March, Del Busso told him she was pregnant again, but just weeks later she miscarried again.

In June, Del Busso claimed her third pregnancy – twins, again – and the couple were once again over the moon.

Then Reynolds showed his friends Del Busso’s 12-week scan, and their reaction was not what he expected: They told him it looked to be fake.

“The scans she sent me was off,” he said.

Del Busso admitted to showing him a fake ultrasound to be “spiteful”.

arabella del busso josh reynolds 60 minutes

Soon after their ultrasound argument, Del Busso told Reynolds her mother had died. When asked about this during Sunday night's episode, Del Busso said it was not her biological mother - who is still alive, and spoke to the program - but the woman she called 'mother' who had died.

She said she had not explained this to Reynolds at the time.

Then came even more bad news: Del Busso told Reynolds she had a condition called placenta accreta, a serious pregnancy condition that occurs when the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall. She told him she could die from the condition.

"Funnily enough, again we were going through a bad patch and now I think about it, that was the ploy. Every time I looked to push away, she'd make up something new: placenta accreta, miscarriage, family dying, whatever else she made up and it makes sense because it's how I got roped in every time," Reynolds said.

The penny dropped when Reynolds visited Del Busso's supposed obstetrician, who said he had received no information from her.

"Is faking pregnancies normal? Is faking your mum's death normal? Making me go through all that. Is it? I would love an answer from her," Reynolds told 60 Minutes.

Del Busso moved to a neighbour's house, where the neighbour discovered her taking medication she claimed was for the placenta accreta, but was actually IVF medication.

Del Busso was asked whether she lied about the pregnancies, to which she replied, "I'm denying those claims".

"Is that a no?" reporter Tom Steinfort asked, seeking clarification.

"I didn't say that," Del Busso said. "I've got nothing else to say about that."

Reynolds said their relationship ended just before Del Busso accused him of domestic violence and police arrested him on charges of assault.

Reynolds maintains he never once got physical, and said he was not proud of the man in the video leaked to media, which showed him yelling at her.


The 31-year-old said he would always regret his actions in the video.

"That 28 seconds is something I'll never be able to take back in my life... I never want to be that person ever again," he told 60 Minutes.

Arabella Del Busso josh reynolds
Image: 60 Minutes.

The media around his arrest led to 10 different men reaching out to him to claim they had been duped by Del Busso, under various pseudonyms. She had allegedly told them lies such as she had brain cancer, cervical cancer and her mother died.

In 2018, one ex successfully sued her for fraud and obtaining money by deception, 60 Minutes reported.

With this evidence, police dropped charges against Reynolds in February, but he said he was still tortured by what happened during their relationship and how it has tainted his name.

"I had a school ring up, I get a call in the morning saying, 'you don't have to come in because parents don't want you at the school'. That hurt me, because the case is over but it's still lingering," he said.

"Kids are everything to me… it was a hard moment. And I act tough in front of all my friends and that, but that broke me."

He still had questions about Del Busso's third pregnancy.

"Where's this baby? Where's this last baby?" he said.

Del Busso told 60 Minutes the pregnancy was terminated in December last year, meaning she would have been more than six months pregnant at the time.

Authorities have now launched multiple investigations into Del Busso's deception.

Feature image: 60 Minutes.

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