Don't believe ANYTHING you read today. Apart from this, obviously.

Are you an April Fool? Are we? We have NO IDEA.

We’re confused. On April 1, who even knows what’s real any more?

Is Amazon really introducing a “dash button”, a one-click ordering system attached to common household items so you can quickly order products like detergents and diapers to you door, the moment they run out? Apparently.

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Will we really be able to print our own money with 3D printers?

And will be really be able to take selfies with our FEET soon, like these lucky women?

Selfie Shoes
The ‘Selfie Shoe’. Is it just an April Fools joke? We sure hope so… Image via Miz Mooz.

We have no idea. Do you?

Today’s best inventions. Do you believe? Here are our best guesses: