How to apply bronzer like a pro (hint: It's not an all-over thing)

Are you a little bit confused as to exactly where you should be putting your bronzer? Relax, in this video Jacqui shows us exactly how and where to apply your bronzer for a natural yet lightly contoured look.

Ok, I have to be honest. When I filmed this video I was on very little sleep. I had sick kids, work stuff and a house to move and it was all happening at the same time… but the whole point of The Glow is that we’re real. So I thought I’d do my bit, sleep deprived for your viewing pleasure.

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Actually, I figured it was the perfect time to make a video on a product well loved for its ability to make us look rested, healthy and like we’ve had some sun time. Bronzer, I salute you!

Step one

Choose a bronzer that suits your skin tone. My favourites include NARS Laguna, theBalm Bahama Mama and this one, Chocolate Soleil by Two Faced Cosmetics. It’s a deep matte bronze, which is great for contouring and it actually smells so much like chocolate it could send you shuffling off to the fridge.

Step two

Using a large fluffy brush, apply your bronzer in a backwards “3” shape. This one is a brush I’ve had forever. It’s by a brand called Asquirrel and it’s super soft. I also have a Bobbi Brown bronzing brush that I love, as well as a large powder brush from Sigma that does a great job.

Step three

Start along your forehead and move down along the temple to your cheekbones using small circular motions. Try and keep the colour along the side of the face rather than on the cheekbone itself. This will help contour the face.

Step four

From there, bring your brush down along your jawbone and slightly down your neck to blend.

Step five

If you’re like me and prefer a little more colour, add a bit more product to the middle section of the face and blend.

Step six

Pose like a fish. (This step is not really necessary to the bronzing act itself, but seeing as I did it in the video, I figured I might as well include it.)

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However if you don’t have time for the full tan session, I’ll let you in on my secret stash. In my cupboard at any given time there are at least three to four cans of Le Tan wash-off bronzer. It’s perfect for a one-night goddess glow without the need to stand around the house in your birthday suit waiting for your tan to dry.