Apple remember that half of their consumers have vaginas.

Technology has discovered a new concept. Women.

Apple’s iOS 9 will include updates to its’ health app that will track periods and female reproductive health.

They’ve finally remembered that one half of their consumers have vaginas. And now they want to get involved.

The new version of the HealthKit app will be able to measure all kinds of health metrics, like water intake, UV exposure, sedentary state, and probably the colour and brand of the user’s underwear (TBC).

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It will also include a very helpful feature, period tracking – particularly useful for any woman trying to get pregnant. Though specifics are yet to be released, Apple has hinted that these will include ways to track cervical mucus, amount of menstruation flow, and ovulation test results.

But don’t be alarmed – they will be entered manually by the user. There will be no bluetooth tampons involved… yet.

Users will also be able to input their sexual activity, which may or may not become an annoyingly depressing reminder for single people. Don’t worry. The app store will still have Tinder.

Menstruation is FLATLINING. Is that bad, Siri?

Apple is receiving a large amount of backlash on the internet for taking so long to add this feature to its health app. As told by TechCrunch:

Apple today is a company where only 30 percent of its employees are female, and only 20 percent of those in engineering positions are female… That Apple overlooked period tracking as a key function that roughly half the population would expect to see included in a comprehensive health tracking app is not entirely a surprise.

It won’t only be useful for women trying to conceive. Irregular periods can be a sign of stress, illness, and other health complications, and the app may be helpful in tracking those irregularities.

And who knows? Maybe Siri will run out and buy tampons for you.