Apple set to introduce "cinema mode" on iPhones and regular movie-goers are furious.

The new iPhone upgrade is rumoured to have a “cinema mode” which some movie-goers are worried will result in the destruction of the entire movie industry.

Like they haven’t secretly checked their texts during a boring part of a movie at one time or another.

The Apple iPhone iOS 10.3 upgrade is out later this month and will reportedly featuring a popcorn-shaped icon which will activate the phone’s cinema settings which will include reduced light output from the screen and silence all functions, alerts and keyboard noises. Hopefully it will also remove a persons ability to answer phone calls during movies which I’ve seen done before.

Said in the loudest whisper ever: Hi. I’m just in a movie. Just give me a sec. I’m walking out now…

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Movie devotees aren’t impressed with the proposed iPhone upgrade claiming any light output at all, no matter how dim, will negatively impact their cinema experience.

Seriously, it seems a bit of a stretch to complain about something that is already happening. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen people fiddling with their phones during movies and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve fiddled with my own phone.

One thing is for sure. We’ve come a long way from the days when devices when devices were technically banned at most cinemas both to avoid disruption to fellow cinema patrons and to curb the growing movie piracy industry.

I can think of at least seven cinema-goer behaviours that are way more annoying than someone using their phone:

  1. Talking during the movie;
  2. Asking questions about the movie plot during the movie;
  3. Getting up too many times;
  4. Hogging the arm rest;
  5. Eating loudly;
  6. Scoffing or laughing too loudly during the wrong spots;
  7. Making a big mess and leaving it all behind after the movie is over.

Also who hasn’t secretly read an iBook during a particularly nonsensical children’s movie?

*cough* TROLLS *cough*

I can think of so many more annoying cinema-goer habits than looking at your phone. Image: Trainwreck, Paramount Pictures

Some of the tweets about it are pretty funny. Someone said, "If you take an iPhone with a new "Theater Mode" into theaters, it should us Apple Pay to refund everyone sitting behind you." Another said, "Instead of theater mode, how about an automatic reply setting for texts that says 'I'm in a movie!" which I think is an awesome addition to the "cinema mode" upgrade.

A particularly annoyed movie-goer wrote on Twitter and was republished on Express UK, "The only theatre mode your phone should have is off and in your pocket." However this argument can be used against all of my aforementioned annoying cinema-goer behaviours as far as I'm concerned.

Then there are those who claim "cinema mode" will make it much easier for movie pirates to film flicks covertly because ushers will find it harder to see the phone being used in that way.

Umm, when is the last time you saw an usher walking through a cinema? It's been years since I've seen that happen outside of Gold Class.

Apple has made no comment on the "cinema mode" speculation and hasn't yet confirmed a specific date the update will come through on our devices, except to say it will be some time in January, 2017.

If people are truly annoyed by the upgrade they can always stay home and watch Netflix.

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