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Apologies in advance for the mental picture this post will put into your head.

Man Junk
For many years, pharmaceutical companies have been making women feel insecure by trying to sell them uneccessary ‘feminine hygeine’ sprays.
Now it’s the blokes turn.
Man Junk is a new line of organic shampoos for the discerning scrotum. Yes it is. According to the Man Junk web site“Any product that’s made to clean your neck, back, buttocks or legs isn’t going to provide the specific levels of odor fighting and skin treatment that Man Junk does.”

But wait. There’s more. In answer to the urgent question “Why Man Junk?” the website answers like this:

Man Junk is a response to the gaping hole in men’s personal hygiene.

You can’t go one set of commercials without seeing something
specifically designed for women, their needs and aimed at improving
their bodies. We don’t know why, but it seems someone upstairs has
decided men don’t deserve that same level attention, and we couldn’t
disagree more.

Developed by a man for men, Man Junk is a combination of
world-class ingredients and relentless attention to detail.  On top of our commitment to men around the world, all the guys at
our office use MJ daily. Don’t put anything on your downstairs captain
that the creators themselves aren’t using.


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