BACH FLUFF: Apollo's real name isn't Apollo, and that's not his only secret.

We feel… deceived.

Everyone’s favourite Bachelorette suitor, Apollo Jackson has been lyin’. Well, kinda. Not really. Some might call it personal privacy or just ‘keeping things to himself’, but to us, it’s a betrayal all the same.

It all started when we discovered Apollo is not Apollo’s real name, and it got us wondering… what else has the oldest looking 24-year-old in existence not been telling us?

Here’s what we found.

His name is not Apollo.

ARE YOU EVEN REAL?! (Image: Ten)

Although it's not really surprising, the fact that Apollo's real name is actually Jake Spence is a knife to the heart.

Sure, he has a very reasonably explanation - "There are a lot of people with my name in the world. As far as [magic], there was a million other people like me," he told NW magazine. But that doesn't make it hurt any less.

He suffered a heart attack when he was 22.

Technically after Wednesday night's episode during which Apollo and Sophie went on a 50s inspired single date, the guy isn't really lying about this anymore.

But look, he could've told us sooner.

Two years ago, the then 22-year-old weighed over 150kgs and suffered a mild heart attack, which caused him to stay in hospital for two weeks. It was this wake up call that inspired Apollo/Jake to lose half his body weight and pursue his passions... which brings us to our third point.

He has a song and it's coming out soon.

apollo single

In news that 100 per cent has nothing to do with his appearance on arguably Australia's most popular reality TV show...

Apollo the magician is also Apollo the musician whose debut single, according to his website, is "coming to iTunes soon".

He hangs out with miniature ponies.

Not only does Apollo volunteer his time for Horses Helping Humans, a charity which focuses on the healing power of animals for people affected by disabilities and illness, he also hangs out with the miniature ponies shirtless.

We assume this has something to do with the effectiveness of transferring said healing powers. Yeah, that'd be it.

He's been spanked on camera before.

We don't know why. But we'll just leave this here.


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