Man convicted of killing former Next Top Model contestant.

A 21-year-old man who was found guilty of murdering four people, including a former contestant of reality TV show America’s Next Top Model, has been sentenced to life behind bars, The Fayetteville Observer reports.

Nineteen-year-old model Mirjana Puhar was shot and killed on February 24, 2015 by two robbers after she opened the door to her boyfriend’s apartment in North Carolina.

Mirjana Puhar ANTM
Mirjana was just 19 years old. Image via Getty.

The two men - one named Edward Sanchez - also killed Puhar's 23-year-old boyfriend, Jonathan Alvarado, and his best friend and roommate, 21-year-old Jusmar Gonzaga-Garcia.

Their bodies weren't discovered by authorities until three days after they were killed.

Puhar was known for appearing on cycle 21 of the reality competition, hosted by Tyra Banks, which aired in the last half of 2014. She was eliminated in the 10th episode of the season.

Mirjana Puhar ANTM
Mirjana Puhar with Tyra Banks on ANTM. Image via The CW.

Two days before the robbery, Sanchez had shot and killed a Xanax drug dealer in a nearby town.

Earlier this week, he was convicted on four counts of first-degree murder. He received a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole for each of the four deaths.

Evidence provided by loved ones - including his father and former girlfriend - helped convict Sanchez.

Edward Sanchez ANTM murderer
Edward Sanchez. Image via Charmeck DA

His father first notified police that his son had been involved in the robberies and killings.

Sanchez's former girlfriend, Emily Isaacs, testified that she and her former partner had attempted to drive across the Mexican border after the murders. She also faces a murder charge for her role in the crimes.

During trial, prosecutors also said the model's blood was found on Sanchez's boots and jeans.