"Are you sure it’s only one in there?" The 20 most annoying things to say to a pregnant woman.

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When you're pregnant, it's a given that people are going to have questions to ask and thoughts to share.

And while it's lovely to chit-chat all things pregnancy with friends, family, colleagues and random passers-by on the street, sometimes people just can't read the room - you know? 

According to the Mamamia community, these are 20 of the most annoying things to say to a pregnant woman. And yep, you've probably heard or said at least one of them.

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1. "Wow, look at how big you are!"

2. "When I was pregnant with my youngest I had someone constantly asking me, 'are you sure it’s only one in there?' It drove me mad, especially when I didn’t even think I was that big!"

3. "Oh, you must be due soon!" 

4. "'Sleep now, because you won’t later.' (I worked full time, had pregnancy related carpal tunnel, hip and pelvic pain and horrible reflux. I wished I could sleep. I got more sleep after he was born!)"

5. "Oh, another girl! Will you try for a boy next?"

6. "Do you know what you're having?"

7. "Some woman said to me at school pick up the other day, 'oh my god I never got as big as you and I had twins'."

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8. "You look tired."

9. "I'm glad it’s you and not me."

10. "Oh, you poor thing."

11. "Should you be lifting anything?"

12. "Are you getting anxious about the labour? (Insert their own terrifying and deeply traumatic birth story here.)"

13. "You're as wide as you are tall."

14. "Maybe I should have a baby so I can have a year holiday, hahaha."

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15. "Oh, it’s just one glass of wine, it'll be fine!"

16. "'Are you having a boy or a girl?' It gets boring over and over. Plus the general delight for a girl and hesitant congratulations for a boy."

17. "Can you have that when you're pregnant?"

18. "Going on mat leave: 'Have a nice break!'"

19. "Oh, you don't know what tired is. Wait til they're born!"

20. "Was it planned or an accident?"

What's the most annoying thing someone has said to you while pregnant? Let us know in the comments!

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