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MKR couple Annie and Jason open up about their son's operation to repair his cleft palate.

My Kitchen Rules couple Annie and Jason Chesworth welcomed their first child in April this year. Now the pair have opened about about their son Teddy and his recent operations to repair his cleft palate.

The cheese-making couple are absolutely thrilled with the results of the surgery and think their son looks ‘gorgeous’.

“He’s not symmetrical but he’s gorgeous to us and we love him to bits,” Annie told Woman’s Day.

Annie, Jason and their son Teddy. Image via Instagram.

But while the doting parents are happy with the results, they admit it wasn't an easy process to go through.

The surgery took four hours and they had to leave their son on a trolley, while eight medical professionals worked on building him a nostril.

"I looked back at him as I walked away and nearly broke down," Jason said.

'Baby Cheese' with the cheeses. Image via Annie and Jason Facebook Page.

Although it was tough at the time, Teddy's parents believe the whole procedure was worth it.

"Even now...I can't believe how beautiful his new nostril is,' Annie said.

The parents explained that their son can now stick out his tongue. He will however need another operation in about a year to close the roof of his mouth.

Little Teddy with cheese - 15 weeks ago. Image via @hunterbellecheese Instagram.

The Hunter Valley pair shared their first photo of Teddy in April this year. They captioned the shot with, “Watching #mkr semi-finals! Jason’s going for [email protected], I’m going for team @ashpollardmkrand @camilla.counsel, Teddy is undecided.”

The new parents found out about Teddy's cleft palate at their 20 week scan, when Annie noticed something different on closer analysis of the ultrasound. Doctors confirmed Teddy did in fact have a cleft palate, which occurs in one in 600 births.

Jason and Teddy. Image via Instagram.

Yet it was a difficult wait for Annie and Jason who were also told Teddy had increased risk of having Down and Edwards Syndrome.

“The cleft palate we could deal with, but learning about the other potential complications got us really upset,” said Jason.

But at 37 weeks, Annie gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

We wish them all the best in the rest of their journey as parents.

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