There's a wild new conspiracy theory about Anne Hathaway and her husband that makes sense.

The super switched on people of Twitter have unearthed a conspiracy theory that, while a little crazy, actually puts forward a pretty good argument.

They are not arguing that the earth is flat, or that Tupac is still alive, but that Anne Hathaway’s husband Adam Shulman is the iconic playwright Shakespeare reincarnated.

In a tweet posted on Saturday, Twitter user @peachyblackgorl shared the conspiracy theory, pointing out the following facts.

1. William Shakespeare’s wife was literally named ANNE HATHAWAY.

Upon further investigation, the couple married in 1582 when Anne was 26 and Shakespeare was 18, after Anne Hathaway fell pregnant out of wedlock. While Shulman is two years older than the modern day Anne Hathaway, this is still very compelling information.

2. Adam Shulman looks a LOT like Shakespeare. 

This is where things get a bit weird. If you look closely at images of the pair side-by-side, there are a whole lot of physical similarities that add weight to the reincarnation theory.

anna hathaway conspiracy
If they weren't the exact same person they'd be twins. Images: Getty.

After the initial tweet, the people of the internet did some serious investigating. Here is the extended body of evidence.

3. Anne Hathaway never seems to age.

Twitter user @nathanduarte_ pointed out that the freakiest part of this whole thing is that Anne Hathaway never seems to age. With this in mind, we took to googling, and found that "Anne Hathaway as a child" comes up with few photos, and they don't look a lot like her.

From this, Twitter users have decided through rational research, that Anne Hathaway is a vampire and is the same woman who married Shakespeare all those years ago.

4. There is a theory that because Shakespeare left Anne to become a playwright, he is making it up to her 500 years later. 

The people of the internet are really romanticising his conspiracy theory, saying this is what Shakespeare would have wanted.

"That's why they got back together now to make up for what he did," wrote Twitter user @SHINeeDivas.

"So in love they came back for each other. I stan," wrote another.

5. Anne Hathaway was born on the couple's 400th Anniversary. 

Twitter user @DeclanxMichaela shared the fresh information that Anne Hathaway was born in 1982, 400 years after the couple married. This is weird, but given this is a truth and not a conspiracy it makes a lot of sense.

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