The "awkward" encounter Anna Heinrich had with another woman while at work.

The Bachelor season one winner and criminal lawyer Anna Heinrich has spoken about the “awkward” moment when she encountered a fan of the reality show at work.

In her ‘Date With Kate’ interview with Kate Waterhouse, Heinrich was asked whether she’d ever recognised for her television appearance during court trials. As it turned out, she had.

“There has been [an] occasion where I was in court and I turned around and this woman was being like ‘I love you’. I didn’t know if it was me or who she was looking at,” she recalled.

“I kept turning around and then I was like, ‘me?’ and she is like, ‘I love you’. I was like, ‘This is the most awkward situation I’ve had in the court.'”

Heinrich explained she made an effort to keep her media career separate from her legal one, but acknowledged crossover was inevitable.

“There is no way they’re not going to overlap, but I try and keep it as separate. So I’ve got to make sure I uphold a good image and that doesn’t jeopardise my legal career because I’m still doing it,” she told Waterhouse.

The 29-year-old went on to talk about her time since the show and her ever-blooming relationship with Tim Robards.

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Heinrich said she believed marriage was on the horizon even if it wasn’t an immediate concern.

“I’m definitely not engaged at the moment [laughs] but I think it will come. There has been that pressure ever since we got together,” she said.

The lawyer agreed that having a relationship born in the public eye has placed increased pressure on the possibility of marriage.

“We know it’s always going to be there, but I think what’s really good about us is we haven’t just gotten married for everybody else,” she said.

“We’re doing it in our own time and when it happens, it’s as real as anyone else’s marriage.”

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Heinrich continues to work as a practicing lawyer but is also busy with media campaigns and her own blogging work.

Robards has previously opened up about their relationship but has expressed a similar laid-back attitude towards choosing a time and place.

“One day I just can’t fit it in with all these other ones [weddings they’ve been attending], it is very much down that track though,” he said.

The former Bachelor star also said that children were in the future plan but emphasised the lack of rush.

“Yeah we both want to have kids but there things that we both want to do in the next couple of years but no rushing. I think she’d be a good mum,” he said.

It’s okay. We can wait.

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