Everything that has happened since the release of Netflix's Inventing Anna.

Inventing Anna quickly became one of the biggest shows of the year following its release this month.

The nine-part series tells the tale of Anna Delvey, real name Anna Sorokin, a con artist who spent years living as a wealthy German heiress among New York's elite. All the while, she was fleecing friends and banks to fund it.

Produced by Shonda Rhimes for Netflix, the series had all the ingredients to be a hit (and a hit it was!)

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In the weeks since, the real life people depicted in the series have had a lot to say. Maybe even enough for a follow-up series? Shonda, if you're reading this... 👋

Below, we round-up all the recent developments following the release of Inventing Anna.

Rachel responds to Inventing Anna.

Rachel DeLoache Williams, the former friend of Anna who lost $62,000 on their trip to Morocco, has been critical about Netflix's immortalisation of Anna (and considering the extremely negative light Rachel was shown in during the series, that is hardly unsurprising!)

In Vanity Fair, Rachel accused Netflix of "running a con woman's PR".

"I think promoting this whole narrative and celebrating a sociopathic, narcissistic, proven criminal is wrong. Having had a front-row seat to [the Anna show] for far too long, I've studied the way a con works more than anybody needs to. You watch the spectacle, but you're not paying attention to what's being marketed. Netflix isn't just putting out a fictional story. It’s effectively running a con woman's PR – and putting money in her pocket."

Image: Netflix/ABC News.


Anna paid her lawyer, Todd Spodek, and restitution to her victims with money she got from Netflix.

She wrote about her unease again for Air Mail.

"Because of Netflix, Anna emerged from behind bars financially net positive, with legions of followers and a level of notoriety from which she’ll presumably continue to profit," she said.

In another story for Time, she wrote: "Millions will watch as Anna is portrayed as a complex anti-heroine fighting against her personal demons and a world that constantly underestimates young women. It will be seen by more people than will ever meet Anna or do the work to understand her real nature or what really happened. And that is a dangerous reality."

Anna responds to Rachel's comments.

In late February, Anna shared a lengthy statement about Rachel on her Instagram story, accusing her of hypocrisy and lies.

"I've been silent about this for years," Anna wrote. "However, over [the] past two weeks watching Rachel stubbornly refuse to move on from her contrived trauma, ever brazen and unchecked, while going on every show that will have her, I thought- now I have to. And if I have to I will.

"During her numerous public cries for attention claiming I 'ruined' her life, relentless Rachel DeLoache Williams conveniently forgets to mention the curious period of time during summer of '18 when she herself along with her newly acquired literary agent were repeatedly harassing my lawyer Todd (both via email and phone) to get me to agree to write a book TOGETHER with Rachel. And the best part is – this time around, I've got all the receipts."


Image: Instagram.

She continued: "Can anyone please enlighten us whether she's done anything at all over past three years other than talking and writing about me, reading and dissecting my interviews, taking angry notes, looking for things to get outraged about? She even quotes posts I've deleted after 15 mins. Find yourself someone who's dedicated to you the way Rachel is dedicated to my Twitter."

Anna criticised Rachel's "flexible moral standards depending on the protective amount of $ she stands to profit" and said Netflix's "total Karen image" of Rachel was very accurate.

"BEFORE she epically embarrassed herself during my trial and before Netflix forever celebrated her (very accurate) total Karen image, her moral compass deemed it acceptable to suggest we write a book together. All while still pressing charges against me. She really thought she could have it all, didn't she?

"The audacity of her to still attempt to sell her white woman tears (that no one is buying) while continuing to seamlessly exploit her connection to me and profit off of her ‘terrible trauma’ is flabbergasting."

We've found a link between Anna and... Julia Fox.

In news that is surprising but also just... makes sense, it turns out Anna and woman-of-the-moment Julia Fox are pals.


The connection was first made when Julia commented on one of Anna's Instagram posts thanking her for the birthday call.

Image: Instagram.

Julia also shared an article Anna wrote for Business Insider about her life in an immigration detention centre, where she has been held since March 2021 for overstaying her visa.

In an interview with the New York Times, Anna was asked about their relationship.

"We actually connected on Instagram when I was out [of prison in February 2021], and we DM’d a bit, and then she jumped on my Clubhouse, which was really random. I was answering people's questions about my experience, and she made the forum so much better. She asked all the right questions. We have a similar sense of humour. She was never judgmental, and we've stayed in touch ever since," Anna said.

Oh, and she mentioned the pair were working on something together.

Neff defends the show.

With lots of back-and-forth happening between Anna and Rachel, Neff - Anna's hotel worker-turned-director friend, played in the series by Alexis Floyd, has rejected comments that the show also did her "dirty".

"I've been getting this a lot and I just want to make it clear one time... Inventing Anna didn't do me 'dirty'. It's a show - not my biography," she shared on social media.


"[Netflix] not only gave me my first film credit on the biggest digital platform ever, but they made sure I was paid a nice coin. Don't cry for me or worry about how sh*t made me look."

She also called out those who were questioning showrunner Shonda Rhimes.

"What we are not gonna do is slander Inventing Anna, Shondaland and one of my GOATs Shonda Rhimes for writing a m*****f***ing classic."

She said she was happy, working on scripts and writing a book - just like Rachel.

The internet finds the real 'Chase'.

One of the 'not quite true' parts of Inventing Anna was her relationship with Chase in the early episodes.

In real life, Anna did have a boyfriend involved in tech, but those reporting on the story have all kept his actual identity a closely guarded secret. This meant that Chase, played by Saamer Usmani, was developed as a fictional character incorporating the few details we know about Anna's real ex.

Image: Netflix/YouTube.


The Cut's article loosely mentioned a boyfriend of Anna's as "a futurist on the TED Talks circuit who'd been profiled in The New Yorker". The series fleshed out more details about him, with Chase developing an app called Wake which could be used to download and understand its user's dreams before moving to Dubai when he ran out of money to fund it. Anna mentions his Kickstarter campaign a few times too.

The show's additional information has led internet detectives to the real 'Chase'.

While unconfirmed, it is believed Chase is based on tech entrepreneur Hunter Lee Soik, who in 2013 launched a Kickstarter to crowdfund his app, Shadow: Community of Dreamers. He gave a TED Talk in 2013, and was profiled in The New Yorker.

Hunter then moved to Dubai where he worked for the government, including as Head of Innovation and Futures for the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority.

Also, there are definite similarities between the names Hunter and Chase, right? 

Hunter's socials are either inactive or private, so he's keeping a low profile.

Meanwhile, Anna has said on her own account that she will give an exclusive about the real 'Chase' to the media company with the highest bid. Because of course.

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