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The most worrying wedding video we've seen.

This is what a red flag looks like.

The giggling bride toys with her brand new husband, pulling the slice of cake away from him just as he goes to take a bite.

Then she brings the slice back towards his mouth, her tiara glinting as she chuckles quietly at her own teasing.

Sounds like a segment from any soppy wedding video, doesn’t it?

Well, the way the footage ends is far from cute.

This gentle teasing soon prompted a furious response from this groom. (Screenshot: LiveLeak)

Because the video ends with the groom lashing out furiously at his new wife’s gentle prank.

He violently kicks the cake table, clearly shocking the bride and prompting two guests to rush to restrain him.

Watch the video here:

Video via Daily Mirror

The one-minute snippet of footage, filmed at an early August wedding in Kazakhstan, was posted to LiveLeak earlier this week.


It’s been widely shared online since, mostly accompanied by jokes about how badly the groom must’ve reacted to the best man’s speech.

Others have suggested the groom must’ve been drunk (as if that would excuse his bizarre tantrum).

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Well, we’re calling it. There’s nothing funny or typical about the groom’s reaction to his wife’s clearly innocent joke.

This is a red flag, pure and simple.

As one viewer commented online: “I feel sorry for the bride. If he acts like that around people over something so silly, then what’s going on behind closed doors?”

Another wrote: “Oh, a statistic waiting to happen.”

“Anyone who freaks out over a bit of cake has deeper issue,” others wrote on Facebook. “If he is like this at the wedding – look out.”

This is not what a healthy relationship looks like. This is not what a healthy temper looks like. This is not a normal way to treat the woman you’re supposed to love.

So run, bride. Run.


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