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A reality TV veteran who's been single for 8 years: What you need to know about Angie Kent.

In April, it was announced that Angie Kent would be our Bachelorette for 2019.

Gogglebox and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here viewers rejoiced at the appointment of the bubbly blonde, who has appeared on both reality series.

But if you were left scratching your head at what all the fuss is about, fear not.

We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about Australia’s next bachelorette.

She’s been a Gogglebox favourite.

First, the basics: Angie is a 29-year-old TV watcher, “bagel and dog enthusiast” who grew up on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and has spent her career working in film and TV as a marketing and production assistant.

For most of the eight seasons she spent watching TV with her best friend Yvie Jones, she lived in Sydney. But in December, the pair left the show, revealing the reason was that Angie had left Sydney and the commute to Yvie’s apartment for filming had become too difficult.

However, it wasn’t long that fans had to fret about the absence of Yvie and Angie from their screens, because the pair were announced as I’m A Celebrity contestants just a month later.


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There, the pair, who were beloved by Gogglebox viewers for their relatability and funny TV commentary, continued to win over fans. In part because watching two best friends interact is a refreshing change to all the negativity seen on reality TV.

Angie told The Sunday Project that she and Yvie were such good friends that she’d consider marrying her if she doesn’t find love on The Bachelorette.

“You know what, funny enough we’ve spoken about that since the day we met,” she responded to the panel’s question about whether they’d thought about getting married.

“[We say,] ‘We never date, so let’s just get married and have heaps of dogs together. Which we already do anyway, so that could potentially be on the cards If I don’t find my true love on the show.”

But Angie is hopeful she’ll find ‘the one’ on the Channel Ten dating show, saying in her statement that she is open to finding love after working on herself.


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“I’m at a place now where I have loads of self-love, but I’m also open to all of life’s amazing possibilities,” she said.

“So, if 20 or so fellas want to join me, have a laugh and potentially be my perfect partner in life and love — I say — let’s give it a red hot go!”

She hasn’t had a boyfriend in eight years.

Angie shared with a NSW radio station in April that she’s been single since she was 21 years old.

When asked if it was because she didn’t have the time or didn’t like dating, Angie joked to The Edge’s Mike E and Emma it was a “maybe bit of both”.

“No, I just always wanted to do everything myself. I wanted to travel, I wanted a career, I wanted to be with my friends. And now I feel like I’ve ticked a lot of boxes and I’m ready to get amongst it.”

In a blog post she penned in 2016, Angie described how she managed to embed “pretty hardcore” the feeling that she couldn’t have both a boyfriend and a career after finishing uni at 21.

“I felt like I couldn’t have both. I couldn’t have this really great career and a boyfriend,” she wrote. “So I well and truly managed to push away a good man at the time and pretty much have never had one since.”

She’s been open about her battle with mental illness.

In another blog post that same year, which resurfaced during her stint on I’m A Celeb, Angie wrote about her mental health struggles.

“I internally struggle terribly with anxiety and sometimes I can get into a deep depression. I tend to get out of it quite quickly, but the little sucker always seems to sneak back in,” she wrote.

“Generally, my anxiety is at its worst, or my depression will return when I am run down, consume too much booze or think I can take on 150 different responsibilities at one time.”

Angie spoke about her experience with less-than-stellar mental health beginning in 2011 in another post.


“I would work 15-hour days, was ridiculously underweight, hardly slept due to being so anxious about trying to be perfect at everything, especially work,” she wrote.

“When it came to having a day off, I would binge drink like a mad woman, and ultimately managed to start a fight with all my nearest and dearest.

“So there is lesson number one, numbing your pain with booze isn’t the answer.”

Angie said that she’d over time realised she needed to invest in self-care.

“As I’ve gotten older, I have realised how important happiness is,” she wrote.

“I came to realise I didn’t love myself at all. I still don’t completely love myself, but by golly, I am working on it.”

She hinted at being the next Bachelorette in February.

When Angie left the I’m A Celebrity camp in mid-February, she told 10 Daily that she’d consider being Australia’s next bachelorette.

“I’ve always said I wouldn’t, but I would do The Bachelorette,” she said.

“I wouldn’t do Bachelor because I would never compete for a man’s love. Never ever.

“But I think it’s about time Angie Kent had a nice line-up of men trying to please her! I think that would be nice.”

Angie’s season of The Bachelorette will premiere on Channel Ten soon.