Meet the woman who loves Angelina Jolie so much, she 'had 50 surgeries to look like her'.

There are many famous women we admire here at Mamamia. We have a wall of women – or shrine, if you will – of the many women we look up to.

We might even jump off a cliff for some of them if they asked us nicely.

But would we change our faces to look like theirs? Probably not.

But 19-year-old Sahar Tabar doesn’t just admire Angelina Jolie. She loves her. So much so, the Iranian woman has reportedly undergone 50 surgeries to turn her face into one that resembles the actress and humanitarian.

According to Belgian website Sud Info, Tabar has given herself the title of “Jolie’s biggest fan” and “would do anything” to be more like her. Considering the amount of time, money and pain the girl’s put herself through, we’ll let her wear that crown proudly.

Photos of the transition on Tabar’s Instagram account have gone viral, where her 472,000 followers can watch her live her life.

از اينكه متفاوت باشي نترس از اين بترس كه مثل بقيه باشي..!???? سـحـرتبـــــــر..!❄????

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ميام بالا سرت..!????????????

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While we would never tell another woman what to do with her face or body, we have to admit we’re a bit (OK a lot) confused about these pictures. We can’t quite figure out if this is real or just really, really extreme contouring. Does Tabar just really, really love Angelina? Or is she trolling us all? Is she wearing a mask and becoming famous around the world for it?

Regardless about whether the images are real or just some impressive makeup artistry, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen celebrity admiration go far beyond the posters of Zac Efron this writer may or may not still have blu-tacked to the inside of her wardrobe.

Remember Jennifer Pamplona, the woman who spent $240,000 on surgery to look like Kim Kardashian?

Beauty Boss ???????????? Hair @thewigshopla Bag @versace_official Lipstick @jennifercosmeticswp

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Or real-life Ken doll, Justin Jedlica?

@paulsmithpinkwall #humankendoll #justinjedlica #pink #paulsmiththailand #losangeles #HouseOfPlastic

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Competition for real-life Ken is stiff though, with Celso Santebanes in the running too.

As the saying goes, each to their own, right? RIGHT?!

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