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1. Tinder stalker lay in wait for young doctor with cable ties and petrol to rape her and then burn her alive.

Angela Jay was attacked by Paul Dennis Lambert Via Seven News. [/img_caption]Chilling details have emerged about the plan Paul Dennis Lambert had put in place to rape and murder a young NSW doctor who had rejected him.

Lambert, 36, had only been dating Angela Jay, 28, for a few weeks after meeting on Tinder when she broke up with him, leading him to bombard her with incessant calls and threats of violence, forcing her to go to the police and apply for an AVO.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Lambert broke into the Port Macquarie home of Angela Jay on Thursday and lay in wait for her to come home from work at around 6pm.

According to the report, he placed her underwear on her bed, along with cable ties he was going to use to tie her up and rape her. He then doused the bed and her walk-in wardrobe in petrol.

When she arrived home he attacked her with a knife but somehow she broke free and ran to her neighbour's home.

Lambert was later shot dead by police.

It has now emerged that he had a history of stalking.

The finance worker was deported from the US last year after he was arrested for stalking a TV ­reporter. The Daily Telegraph reports he was also arrested for assaulted his ex-wife on the day they went to sign their divorce papers.

2. Australian singer Maria Venuti in induced coma after she suffered a stroke in Sydney when an intruder broke into her home.

Maria Venuti, a well-known Australian singer and entertainer, is in an induced coma after she suffered a stroke in Sydney.

Seven News reports that Venuti, 75, had the stroke at her Gladesville home on Saturday morning.

It is reported that she confronted a man on her property on Saturday morning.

A 38-year-old man was arrested at the property and taken to Royal North Shore Hospital for assessment.

3. Hand hygiene at NSW hospitals “softly killing” the patients.

A study has found that hand hygiene levels at some Sydney hospitals are less than half recommended levels.

In a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, University of NSW professor Mary-Louise Mc-Laws found that compliance rates for hand ­hygiene in NSW hospitals is at dangerous levels, with one major Sydney tertiary hospital having hand hygiene levels as low as 30 per cent. This is despite the government’s claim that compliance rates among doctors, nurses and other staff are 85 per cent.

“If it was me or my relative in a hospital bed, I would be asking every nurse or doctor who went to touch me: ‘Have you used the alcohol-based hand rub?’” Prof McLaws asked.

“Hand hygiene at this low level can place patients at risk of acquiring a life-threatening pathogen. It’s softly killing the patients. You contaminate the patient and then they take ­several days to get ill. Then, nobody takes responsibility.”

The Daily Telegraph reports that many leading nurses and doctors refused to accept the poor hand hygiene findings when confronted with the results.


A study by UNSW in 2014 found 71 per cent of public hospitals do not perform to the required hand hygiene levels.

4. Fire crews on high alert for NSW bushfires.

The rural fire service is bracing for a day of more fires with two major bushfires still burning in NSW.

18 fires out of 60 were still out of control across NSW last night.

Residents in the Cessnock suburbs of Kitchener and Abernethy and those at Karuah near Lone Pine were under threat for most of Sunday, but the RFS downgraded their advice to "watch and act" by the early evening.

5. 13-year-old Queensland teen fighting for life after being hit by golf club.

A 13-year-old boy is in a critical condition after he was accidentally struck on the back of the head with a golf club while out hunting cane toads with his friends.

The Courier Mail reports the boy from the Sunshine Coast was with a group of friends hunting cane toads on a restricted council building site at Maroochydore at about 7.30pm on Saturday when the incident occurred.

The teenager collapsed immediately after suffering significant head injuries and was knocked unconscious. Paramedics treated him at the site before he was rushed to Nambour General Hospital.

He was transferred by the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter to Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, where he remains in a critical condition.

6. Australian woman kidnapped in Kabul.

An Australian woman working for a non-governmental organisation in Afghanistan has been reported kidnapped in the capital Kabul reports the ABC.

A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade told the ABC the embassy in Kabul was making urgent enquiries.

According to reports, a local TV station said the woman was abducted at gunpoint in the Qala-i-Fatullah area in the centre of the city.

7. US election poll: Clinton now leads by 5 points over Donald Trump.

The latest poll in the US election shows that Hillary Clinton now holds a five-point lead over Donald Trump.

The Post-ABC Tracking Poll found that 55 percent of Clinton’s backers say the main reason they are voting for her is because they support her, compared with 43 percent of Trump voters. More Trump voters say they are voting for him mainly because they oppose Clinton.

A seperate poll, the NBC News/Wall Street Journal put Mrs Clinton up four points. Clinton campaign officials claimed they had "tremendous momentum" among Hispanic voters.

In Arizona, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Nevada, battleground states which all have large Hispanic populations, more than half of voters had already voted.

"The story of this election may be the mobilisation of the Hispanic vote," Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told The New York Times.

In Florida 600,000 Hispanics had already voted, an increase of 129 per cent from 2008.

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