Andy Murray's girlfriend now comes with her own warning.

The couple that sledges together, stays together. Or something….


Fuck yes! Kim Sears is the talk of the town once again as her fiance, Andy Murray, gets set to hit the court for the Australian Open Final this evening.

The 27-year-old – who was criticised for being a Sweary Mary courtside this week – has given the middle finger to critics by rocking up to the Australian Open wearing a t-shirt that reads “Parental advisory: Explicit content”.

We think this is a message that speaks for itself. Good on you, Kim.

Previously Mamamia wrote… 

Tennis is an intense game. There’s the sheer speed of the ball, the intimate pressure of a closely built stadium, the grunting, the racket slamming, crowds gasping every few seconds…

It’s hard work. And while we’re apparently OK with the sports stars lashing out in the heat of the moment, people don’t afford tennis champ’s partners that same luxury.

During an Australian Open tennis match last night, tennis player Andy Murray, 27, and his fiancee Kim Sears, 27, directed some, highly “colourful language” towards Murray’s semi final opponent, Tomas Berdych.

Swear, swear, swear etc.

The outbursts took place during a tense match between the Czech and the Scot, which Murray eventually won in four sets to progress to his fourth final at Melbourne Park.

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It was all caught in a Vine, that soon went viral as it was shared across social media.

Can anyone lip read?

Common consensus (Read: Twitter users) seems to be that Sears said, “F***ing have that you Czech flash f***”.

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Many viewers at home expressed ‘disgust’ at this outrageous display from Sears in particular – while her soon-to-be-husband’s behaviour appeared to be considered par for the course.

Some said she should, “wash your potty mouth out”. Other media outlets have called the display above a “foul-mouthed tirade”.

Look at that “potty mouth” go.

After the match Murray was forced to defend his girlfriend Sears’ vocal PDA from the player’s box.


“In the heat of the moment you can say stuff that you regret,” he said. “When there’s a lot of tension surrounding something, which you created, it’s completely normal that the whole first set everyone was tight.”

“Even Tomas, who very rarely says anything on the court… there was tension there for him as well.”

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andy murray girlfriend swearing
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Sears’ side court swears are being compared to the comments of Roger Federer’s wife Mirka, who sledged Stan Wawrinka during the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London in November last year.

Which brings us to the point: Isn’t it seriously depressing that we even care/ have footage/ think we can comment on what sports stars partners are doing? Both Ms Sears and Berdych’s fiancee Ester Satorova were wearing diamond engagement rings during last night’s game, and were shown back-to-back on screen – described by the Mail as being in a “showdown”.


Now, here’s a novel idea instead. Let the women swear. Let no one swear. Better yet, stop taking time away from showing us the game and showing us two women in a fake ‘showdown’. Let’s all just get back to what really matters. Like, you know: THE TENNIS.

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