Andy Lee has finally addressed the rumours that he'll be the next Bachelor.

Appearing on Wednesday night’s episode of The Project, radio star Andy Lee has put those popular rumours of him being the next star of The Bachelor to bed.

The speculation (which we were fully on board with) began when Lee announced his breakup with his long-term girlfriend Rebecca Harding last month — and only grew from there.

Tonight, co-host Carrie Bickmore finally asked the 35-year-old comedian the question we’ve all been pondering: “Rumours that you’re going to be the next Bachelor… yes or no?”

Followed by some uncomfortable laughter, Lee provided a response.

“Hamish [Blake] has been setting this rumour alight for as long as possible. Absolutely not, would be my answer.”

Andy Lee can't be The Bachelor. He's clearly already spoken for. Source: Hamish and Andy / Facebook.

Not letting it end there, though (because let's be honest, we all want to know how he's spending his time now that he's single) Bickmore raised another rumour that's been hounding Lee of late.

"Is that because you are not a Bachelor and you're with Delta Goodrem?" she asked.

"Yes, the lie factory at New Idea have been pushing that as well," Lee replied.

"No, that's not true."

No girlfriend and no dating reality television career on the horizon?

We can hear you let out a collective hopeful sigh, ladies.

Who would be your pick for the next Bachelor?

Speaking of, these are the ladies still in the running this season.

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