Why Andy Lee is the best thing on Instagram right now.

Andy Lee, one half of the conglomerate-like juggernaut that is Hamish and Andy, is an observant kind of guy.

He knows that when an ‘influencer’ on Instagram posts something like, say, this on the platform: “Need some new cushions for my couch!!! Tag some good brands?”, they’re probably just asking for free stuff.

He knows pulling a stunt like this, too, may be an invitation for freebies: “Oh no!!! Hairdresser pulled out on me!!! Message me if you’re free!!!”

He sees the power. He sees the potential for free things. So he made an Instagram account to join in on all the free fun.

Enter: Andy Lee (free stuff hunter).

“I’ve noticed ‘influencers’ get free stuff,” he writes on his new Instagram account. “This account is unashamedly on the hunt for free stuff, stuff I don’t want will be given to followers.”


It took him little under a month for his 6,000-strong following to pull him over the line, achieving his very first, very free meal.

“It works! It works! Congrats to @pillarofsaltcafe for being the first to confirm the system. Totally unrelated, I think it is the best chilli scramble I’ve ever had. It has cured my shoulder problems and made me last even longer in the bedroom. I’m not just saying that cause it’s free. Definitely not. Is that the kind of thing I’m meant to write??”

So this one goes out to a) the free stuff hunters (oh yes, we see you) and b) Andy Lee’s tireless and courageous pursuit of all things that don’t cost a single cent.

(And if he wants to buy me a free beer, or even give me a free shout-out in return for the free shout-out he is receiving which could, in turn, result in more free stuff, that would be okay too.)