Stop everything: Andy Lee has an entirely grey moustache and we're not sure how to feel.

Thanks to Movember, we’ve seen some rather… interesting moustaches sprouting on the faces of famous Aussie blokes this month (hello, Sasha Mielczarek).

However, Andy Lee’s brand new facial hair has well and truly taken the cake.

Over the past few weeks, the radio host has been cultivating a “wonderful crop” on his upper lip — in co-host Hamish Blake’s words — and on Thursday, he took his mo one step further by dyeing it grey. Yes, on purpose.

You see, on Monday Andy will be embracing a new role — ‘tour bus driver’ for the radio team’s band Cool Boys and the Frontman, as they travel from Melbourne to Byron Bay. And with that important new role comes a new aesthetic.

“Every bus driver needs a silver moustache. A ‘bustache’,” Hamish explained to listeners.

“Usually you earn your bustache by the fact that you’re 65 [and] you’re a bus driver. You’re a lot younger, so we’ve had to cheat a bustache on you.”


Once the mo had grown to an appropriate length, Hamish and Andy enlisted the help of award-winning hairdresser Joey Scandizzo to create that authentic ‘bus driver’ shade of silver.

The final result was unveiled on Facebook Live on Thursday afternoon, and Hamish could not conceal his glee.

“It’s so funny, because if I squint… it’s like the exact colour of your skin, almost,” he laughed.

As far as feeling like a true blue bus driver, Andy estimates his new grey mo has got him “85 per cent there” — adding he’ll feel far more confident once he’s got the requisite long socks.

Just for comparison, here’s what the moustache looked like pre-dye job:

We asked @justintimberlake to point out the person who’s had the most influence on him throughout his golfing career.

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All we’ll say is this: have fun dealing with the regrowth, Andy.

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