Andy Lee just made a very awkward slip of the tongue in a phone call to his ex.

He is yet to be announced as the 2017 Bachelor but our fingers are crossed and our bodies are ready.

Entertainer Andy Lee continues to dazzle us with the kind of awkward charm we know all too well.

The 35-year-old went on air yesterday to regale listeners of the Hamish and Andy radio show with a painfully cringeworthy story about ex-girlfriend Rebecca Harding.

“I had found out that Bec had got a new job, so I was ringing her to congratulate her on the new job,” he said.

Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding on Instagram.

Lee went on to explain how he had been waiting for his father to return his call all day.

“We’re chatting away, and we’re getting towards the end of the conversation, when Dad rings through on the other line,” he said.

“I’m thinking god it would be great to wrap this up quickly because I’ve been trying to get on to him, I’ve left a lot of messages.”

“So I said to Bec, ‘Hey Bec, I’ve got to go, Dad’s calling through’, and she says no problem. I said, ‘thanks very much, love you’.”

Oh… No.


“And at that point I just realised I’d said ‘I love you’, which was something you were allowed to say a while back, back when you were going out, but it’s not the sign off of choice now,” he said.

Lee said all Harding could manage in response was a very confused, “What?”

The phone call was said to have ended with Lee performing a verbal smoke bomb.

“I went ‘Ahhhhh!’ and hung up the phone,” he said.

Smooth operator.

Feature image via Twitter.