Thank you Andrew Leigh for your adorable Christmas card.

Canberra-based federal politician Andrew Leigh has sent out a Christmas card to all his politician and journalist mates and tens of thousands of constituents in Canberra this year.

And he is keeping it real…

At first glance it looks like one of his children is missing from the shot, but then you realise… no, it is the strike of the toddler!

Andrew Leigh
Source: David Foote AUSPIC

This little guy on the edge — he is not having a single bar of this Christmas photo crap. No way.

I can see it now. In fact I can physically feel the pain of this situation; I have lived it so many times. Every parent has been there.

The cranky toddler. He is hungry. He is cold. He wants water. He wants the toilet.

What he very clearly DOES NOT WANT at all is a photo.


The Mamamia team share their most awkward family snaps:


No, photos are hell on earth to him. Photos are like steamed green broccoli. Photos mean war.

This is not the Octonauts. There is no Lego here. You said this would be “fun”. Get me the hell out now.

No I will not sit on your lap. No I will not smile. No I will not hold hands. No I will not stand with my brothers.

“But please” I can hear the pleading now. “Just one little photo… just for Christmas? Just this once?”

“NO! What is wrong with you people?! Am I not making myself clear? *starts throwing any available items within reach. (Or maybe this just happens in my family).

Then the bribery often starts… “Well Santa could be watching you know…” (again perhaps this is just in my family.)

We have all been there. And now this photo is going viral because every parent totally gets this situation. It is real life.

Sometimes Christmas is just really hard work, especially when you are small.

This little guy is all of us… we get it buddy, we really do.

This is the joy of Christmas lived through the eyes of a toddler. There are big highs and big lows — and sometimes, just sometimes, it is an incredible experience to share with them.

Andrew Leigh with his partner and the now infamous toddler, back when he was a baby and happy to be in photos. Source: Andrew Leigh facebook.

Happy Christmas. May the force of the toddler be with you.