Andrew Johns was on holiday with his family when he had a seizure in a coffee shop.

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Rugby league immortal Andrew Johns has revealed he’s being treated for seizures, according to The Sunday Telegraph.

Johns, 44, collapsed in a coffee shop at Yamba while on holiday on the NSW North Coast, the paper reports.

The former Newcastle Knights, NSW and Kangaroos star says he’s on medication to treat his condition, which has involved a spate of seizures over the years.

“I’ve got some medical stuff going on,” Johns told the paper on Sunday.

“They’re seizures that have been going on a while.

“I’m seeing the right doctors and they are doing all the tests and have got me on medication.”

Johns was holidaying in Yamba with his partner Kate Kendall and their four-month-old daughter Alice when the incident occurred.

Although onlookers called an ambulance for the 44-year-old, he declined to go to hospital after being treated by paramedics at the cafe.

His younger brother Matthew, a Fox Sports presenter and former Newcastle star, said his sibling could feel his seizure coming before it hit him.


“Next thing he can remember is waking up on the floor,” Matthew said.

“He’s had a few seizures in the last couple of years but his last one was probably 12 months ago.

“He seems to think it comes on at times when he’s really tired.”

Johns’ father Gary also believes the seizures are triggered by fatigue.

“It has been a very hectic time for him,” Gary told the Sunday Telegraph.


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Over the weekend, fans have left messages of support for Johns on his Instagram page.

“Get well soon Legend,” one fan wrote.

“Hope you’re doing okay,” another commented.

The older Johns, who is now a rugby league commentator, went public about his battle with bipolar disease back in 2007.

He retired from rugby league in the same year after 249 games for the Newcastle Knights.