Lovely news for Andrew Chan as he awaits news on his fate.

As Bali Nine member Andrew Chan waits in limbo desperately holding onto the hope that a last minute appeal may be successful there is finally some good news to report about him.

From the darkness of death row comes some happy news with reports that Andrew Chan has proposed to his girlfriend Febyanti, and she has accepted.

News Limited reports that 31-year old Chan proposed to Feby, as she is known, in February just after his plea for clemency was rejected by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

“Andrew is one of the strongest, kindest people I have ever met,” Feby said

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“I have never seen him as just a prisoner or someone who is on death row.”

The couple met two years ago through mutual friends – Feby, like Chan, is an Indonesian Pastor. She had been visiting the jail to help the prisoners.

Chan’s religious studies supervisor Christie Buckingham told The Sydney Morning Herald that their relationship bloomed over the past year.

Feby has reportedly visited the prison almost daily in the past few months.

The ring ( Source: Nine Today Show)

“She’s been helping with different programs [in the prison] for a number of years,” Reverend Buckingham said.

“Feby has been a very good influence on him. They work very well together when they are providing services and ministering in the prison.”

“All I can say is that she has been a huge part or Andrew’s transformation and without her, [it] would have been really tough for him,” Chan’s brother Michael told Fairfax Media. “He thinks the world of her.”

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News Limited reports that Chan gave Feby a diamond solitaire engagement ring to mark their love for each other and they celebrated with cake and flowers.

Last week she was turned away from seeing Chan just moments before he was transferred to Nusakambangan – the prison where he will see out his final days before he is shot by the firing squad.

Feby and Andre Chan’s brother try to visit him last week.

As Chan waits for the date of his execution Feby is staying nearby in the port town of Cilacap. She was not among the visitors to the prison yesterday – but it is reported that she is hoping to be among the next group tomorrow.

The couple have dreamed of a future together – hoping to have children and to live in the local community building community centre to help transform the lives of less privileged children. Sadly their dreams may never be realised as Indonesia’s Attorney General HM Prasetyo says that there is no delay to the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

“I assure you there’s no delay. I never said the date of execution,” Mr Prasetyo.

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have one last ditch attempt in court tomorrow. In the meantime his supporters celebrate this flickering light of happy news from such a dark place.

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