Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran will not be executed this week.

The latest on Bali 9 duo Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Indonesian president Joko Widodo has said the executions of 10 drug felons including Bali nine ringleaders Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan will not be this week.

Indonesian president Joko Widodo
Indonesian president Joko Widodo ( Source: Getty)

After an interview late last night with Al Jazzera in which he discussed the impending execution of the two Australian men and eight other drug felons it has been reported that the Indonesian president indicated off camera to a reporter that Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan would not be killed by firing squad this week, saying though it will be “soon”.

It has been speculated that the men would be killed this weekend – with Sunday night at midnight the most likely time. Reporter Step Vaessen tweeted that Mr Joko told her no executions this week.

It is expected that Indonesian attorney-general Muhammad Prasetyo will give a press conference this morning to announce the timing of the execution – and that the two men will then have 72 hours before they are killed alongside eight other drug felons.

Mr Prasetyo told local reporters overnight that “several things were still being organised and his office was always checking on progress in the field.”


The attorney-general said the process would be carried through properly and not rushed, and that was why no execution date had been set.

The ABC reports that said some of those on the list of those to be executed were still yet to be moved to Nusakambangan.

Yesterday’s transfer of Chan and Sukumaran has been broadcast through Indonesia, Australia and the world with Indonesia putting on a massive show of military strength.

The two men being moved.

With paramilitary vehicles, hundreds of police and military personnel, fighter jets and a helicopter overhead the move was astonishing to onlookers – especially compared to a third prisoner they transferred, the ABC reports, an Indonesian drug trafficker who came in a little van.

Speaking on Al Jazzera Mr Joko said there were no more legal avenues to pursue. “I think the decision (to execute Chan and Sukumaran) was already taken by the court.” He said that he had looked at the individual cases of each of the prisoners.

“I looked at how many drugs they were carrying, how many kilograms they distributed,” he said – before he rejected their clemency pleas.

Fairfax Media reports that Mr Joko has previously indicated that he was unaware that Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan were trying to smuggle heroin into Australia not bring the drugs to Indonesia.

He also defended the death penalty saying millions of Indonesian lives are “in ruin” because of drugs.

Last minute legal avenues.

Peter Morrissey, a member of the legal team for the two has told the ABC that there are still two avenues to pursue to keep Chan and Sukumaran alive.

Legal avenues still being pursued.

“We have a legal option, and that’s pursuing the appeal that we’ve got in place, and there’s the diplomatic option, which is just to keep the conversation going between Australian diplomats and politicians and their counterparts in Indonesia,”

Andrew Chan never thought it would happen.

Nine News has spoken to a friend of Andrew Chan’s who said that Chan never believed the execution would take place. The friend, known as Sami said that he had exchanged messages with Andrew Chan the night before the transfer.

“Even he thought it was never going to happen, because he thought we’re in the limelight – it’ll cool down, it’ll be alright,” the friend told 9NEWS.

“So I always said, ‘yeah mate, definitely – you’re in good hands’,”


Prisoner Swap proposal.

The Australian reports that Foreign Minister Julie Bishop proposed a prisoner swap to her Indo­nesian counterpart Retno Marsudi. It is understood that Indonesia turned down the offer.

Proposed prisoner swap.

In the phone call described as “tense” on Tuesday evening Ms Bishop proposed that Indonesia “pause” the execution while Australia looked at the legalities of a potential prisoner swap that would see three Indonesian drug runners sent home. The three Indonesians, Kristito Mandagiand, Saud Siregar and Ismunandar were convicted in 2000 of trying to import­ 252kg of heroin into Australia.  Mandagiand was sentenced to life with a non-parole period of 25 years while Saud Siregar and Ismunandar were sentenced to a maximum of 20 years and are eligible for parole in October 2017.

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The Australian reports that Ms Bishop offered to” repatriate the trio to Indonesia. In exchange, Jakarta would commute the death sent­ences of Chan and Sukumaran to lifetime prison sentences.”

However the deal was turned down with Ms Marsudi warning the Foreign Minister that “(Indon­esia’s) hypocrisy would not be lost on the international community’’.

 Prime Minister Abbott “revolted.”

Yesterday Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that the Government was “revolted” by the prospect of the two men being killed .

“I think right now millions of Australians are feeling sick in their guts at the prospect of execution for these two,” he said.

“But I’ve got to say anger is not a very good basis on which to determine a nation’s policy, and in the long run, anger is not a very good basis on which to determine your own conduct.

“So let’s see how things develop, let’s maintain our values, let’s maintain our respect for human life as a nation and as a society, but let’s remember that a good relationship with Indonesia is very important to this country.

“And whatever might happen in the next few days, the relationship with Indonesia must endure and over time it must grow stronger.”

Candlelit vigil.

10 prisoners will be executed.

The nations’ political leaders will attend a candlelit vigil for the two this morning at Parliament House with both the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader and Ms Bishop expected to attend meanwhile on Nusakambangan island in Central Java the two men wait in isolation cells to find our how many hours they have before their death.

We will keep you updated on further developments during the day. 

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