"It did everything I'd want from a retinol." 15 women test Andalou Naturals' new serum that reinvents retinol.

Thanks to our brand partner, Andalou

Retinol: it's a gold-standard classic ingredient within our You Beauty community for its magical anti-aging properties. Our faces love it, and every dermatologist I'm hearing from is giving it the thumbs up.   

As a strong retinoid and derived from vitamin A, some of us might already know that when not used carefully, it can cause some irritation, flakiness or redness to our skin. Plus, it's not recommended to be used by those of us who are pregnant, so can have some limitations.

But now there's a new trending ingredient on the beauty block, and she's giving retinol a run for her money.

Enter bakuchiol.

As a plant extract, it's basically nature's gift to our skincare regime. Beauty experts are calling it a natural retinol alternative to love, as it delivers similar results, just without the harshness of using true retinol.

We're talkin' preventing fine lines and wrinkles, and helping with pigmentation, elasticity and firmness.

The Mamamia team are getting a bit obsessed with bakuchiol (pronounced buh-KOO-chee-all) right now, being that it's vegan and a new plant-based alternative to add to our skincare arsenal. Our Beauty Editors were intrigued to learn that the clinical trial by the British Journal of Dermatology (2019) found no statistical difference in results between the use of both bakuchiol and retinol in improving signs of facial ageing. 

Love us a study to back up the claims, and a damning result that we simply must try ourselves!

So we gave some Youbies the head's up to put it to the test. Our Mamamia You Beauty Panel tried the new Andalou Naturals Age Defying Rejuvenating Serum to see what effect it had.

This baby has a highly concentrated fruit stem cell complex and super antioxidants including bakuchiol, and claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture and tone for a firmer and rejuvenated complexion. 

Of the 93 You Beauty Panellists that tried and reviewed this product, 81 per cent agreed their skin felt smoother.

There were also SO many mentions of visible improvements to their skin feeling much more hydrated, plumped and softer, with the overwhelming majority of panellists confirming this serum is now added to their beauty routine for good!

Woah. So here's what some had to say about it.

Gwendolyn, 31: "I've woken up with radiant skin and it feels much more hydrated and plumped."

“I have woken up with radiant skin and it feels much more hydrated and plumped.” Image: Supplied. 


"As winter is approaching, I usually get really red, dry and tight skin. But ever since trying this, I have woken up with radiant skin and it feels much more hydrated and plumped. It's really gentle, I have reacted so much to retinols and this is the first retinol alternative that I've tried that did not react."

Renee, 39: "I noticed an immediate difference."

"My skin had recently become irritated and red with my regular products. I was curious and excited to try a natural brand. This product smelled amazing and was quickly absorbed with no residue. I noticed an immediate difference in skin tone and best of all no irritation. 

"This made my skin plumper and smooth. I felt like my tone improved and pigmentation reduced. I had a nice glow without getting overly oily during the day. I loved this product so much I went out and purchased the rest of the range."

Nadia, 28: "My skin has gotten a lot smoother, and looks less dull. It almost gives a blurring effect."

“My skin has gotten a lot smoother, and looks less dull. It almost gives a blurring effect.” Image: Supplied. 


"This Age Defying Rejuvenating Serum made my moisturiser absorb into my skin a lot better, which is super important in winter. As a result, my skin has been overall less dry and inconsistent. 

"I usually have combination skin with an oily T-zone throughout the day, but I have noticed this has been happening less since using the product. I have also noticed the texture of my skin has gotten a lot smoother, and looks less dull. 

"It almost gives a blurring effect to the skin - the pores on my nose seem less noticeable. I love that's able to be used on sensitive skin! I have avoided traditional retinol in the past because I was worried that it would make my dermatitis flare up but this product is super gentle on the skin and an easy addition to my skincare routine that has made a visible difference."

Hannah, 29: "It did everything I'd want from a retinol."

"My skin was definitely more dewy, and more smooth the next day. This product was waaaaay less irritating than a normal retinol! It did everything I'd want from a retinol without the irritation, so I felt more confident putting it on more often and I think because of this I got better results."

Kirsty, 44: "My skin has never felt softer!"

“My skin has never felt softer!” Image: Supplied. 

"My skin has never felt softer! It’s like I’ve had a peel every day without the peel! Very impressive. As a big fan of Andalou Naturals products I was excited to try this serum and I wasn’t disappointed. It feels so gentle without any harsh ingredients but my skin feels rejuvenated. Big thumbs up Andalou!" 


Deborah, 42: "Could easily use this as an all-round anti-ageing serum."

"Skin felt softer, smoother and hydrated. It was great to use as an all round hydrating serum with anti-ageing benefits. Typical retinol based serums are only used at night however this was non-irritating and gentle enough to use both morning and night. Could easily replace this as an all round anti-ageing serum without having to layer multiple serums to receive the benefits of hydration and anti-ageing."

Lisa, 30: "It's an absolute dream to apply to the skin."

"I've really noticed a difference in the texture of my skin since using this serum! The serum feels so lovely and nourishing to use - it's an absolute dream to apply to the skin. A little goes a long way, and I really dig the scent as well!"

Vivienne, 33: "My skin looked brighter the day after usage."

 “My skin looked brighter the day after usage.” Image: Supplied. 

"I really like that it is not as drying on the skin as usual retinol-based products. I also like the texture of the serum being a bit more lotion-like and that is only lightly scented. My skin looked brighter the day after usage."

Laura, 29: "Gentle enough to not be reactive with my skin, but hardworking enough to make visible changes."

"After using this product, my skin was brighter, clearer, and I visibly noticed a more even complexion. It was hydrating enough that I was also left feeling plump and hydrated. It sat really well under makeup and worked well with my other skin care products. 

"My skin looked and felt healthier and more nourished. I have been wanting to try a plant derived retinol alternative for a long time and so was very excited to try this. I really liked the texture and feel of this serum. It spread evenly and absorbed well. 


"There was no sticky residue and it had quite a nice scent. There were visible improvements to my skin clarity, complexion and feel. I also have very sensitive skin and had no reaction to this at all. It was gentle enough to not be reactive with my skin, but hardworking enough to make visible changes."

Amy, 28: "My skin felt softer."

“My skin felt softer.” Image: Supplied. 

"My skin felt softer and it looked brighter. The feeling of the product is nice and smooth. It doesn’t have a strong scent, and it doesn’t feel very drying, which I loved."

Tracey, 29: "I saw drastic change."

"I saw drastic change in blackheads, my skin was visibly more plump and less textured. It’s a very lightweight and creamy serum, it goes on so easily."

Fiona, 28: "Genuinely noticed all splotchy or uneven skin tone gone."
“Genuinely noticed all splotchy or uneven skin tone gone!!” Image: Supplied.


"Genuinely noticed all splotchy or uneven skin tone gone. Also completely non-irritating on my reactive skin. I used it daily without any issues and it really complements my existing skin care routine."

Sarah, 30: "Skin feels more refined."

"Skin feels more refined, pores feel smaller and there is just a better overall glow. The perfect plant-based retinol alternative without the nasties."

Jade, 37: "How luxurious it felt on my skin!"

"How luxurious it felt on my skin!" Image: Supplied. 

"Fine lines gone and felt very smooth. How luxurious it felt on my skin!"

Fiona, 30: "My skin felt smoother and brighter."

"My skin is super sensitive and this didn’t make it flare up at all! My skin just felt smoother and brighter the morning after using it. It also smells great."

Try the Andalou Naturals Age Defying Rejuvenating Serum containing bakuchiol (a natural plant-based alternative to retinol) for yourself by shopping it here.

Andalou Naturals is a high-performing range of natural skincare derived using its signature Fruit Stem Cell science to give you natural beauty, precisely. Have you considered a natural alternative to retinol? Try Andalou's Bakuchiol Rejuvenating range today!