ROAD TEST: "I tried hemp stem cell skincare to see if it's the holy grail for glowy skin."

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Hi, my name’s Kelly and I’m addicted to the glow.

You know, that supermodel, radiant glow that 100 per cent takes professional makeup artists three hours to emulate.

The dewy, fresh, youthful radiance that we only have naturally when we’re young and angsty with zero appreciation for such amazing skin.

Instead, we’re too busy worrying about how to sneak more Vodka Cruisers out of the house on the weekend… ah, the youths.

I’ve been working in and out of the beauty industry for more than eight years now and I’ve been hosting the wildly popular beauty podcast You Beauty for the past year (for the love of all things skincare and makeup, make sure you’re subscribed). And as any of our listeners or my delightful co-hosts will tell you, I love DAT GLOW.

Anything shimmery, dewy, or something that promises ‘radiance’ and ‘luminosity’ has me adding to cart quicker than it takes Leigh (Campbell, my co-host) to bring me back on track when I start going on a random tangent about my cat.

A few months ago, a small white pot with a green lid landed on my desk by a brand I’d never heard of and it said ‘Glow Mask’ on the front. So I obviously popped it in my bag to try that night.

To be honest, I used it and it felt fine and I sort of just forgot about it. Until I got to work the next day and had three colleagues in the space of seven minutes comment on how glowy my skin was.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my first time using the Andalou CannaCell Glow Mask and I’ve been an avid twice-weekly user ever since.

I remember the first time I ran out, I Googled it with a grimace, expecting to see some outrageous price tag I’d only be able to justify to myself under the guise of ‘tax-deductible’. So imagine my delight when I found out it’s under $25!? Say whhhhatttt!!? $25!? I’ve honestly had coffees more expensive than that (New York is a strange place), and this holy grail of glow was that affordable!?

Cue me adding five to cart so I can start proffering them at people on their birthdays, smugly knowing it’s the best thing they’ll have put on their face all year.

andalou naturals cannacell
Your next birthday present sorted. Image: Supplied.

The formula of the Glow Mask is gel-like yet creamy. Okay, that probably makes zero sense but it’s actually what the consistency is like.

This botanical jelly mask's most unique ingredients are organic hemp seed oil and hemp stem cells. These puppies hydrate the skin, and they're rich in antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and omegas that soothe distressed skin and give it that radiance we're all after.

The smell is kinda ‘hempy’ I guess - it’s really subtle and fresh. The tub directs you to only leave it on for 10-20 mins but given I like to live life on the edge, I leave mine on for an hour or so sometimes.

My skin is so bloody smooth and glowy when I wash it off. Your skin does feel a touch warm during application, but that just means it’s working and it calms down pretty quickly.

It's way less intense than other masks on the market, that’s for sure.

As part of my job (what a tough gig), I recently started trialling the rest of the range and have been loving the products.

I was super confused by the Pressed Serum ($25) at first because I’m so used to an almost water-like consistency in serum, and this one is more like a cream. But it’s actually a dang dream as the serum-meets-moisturiser formula packs more of a punch in the hydration department than others on rotation.

pressed serum
So creamy. Image: Supplied.

Also with potent antioxidants from hemp stem cells, this product melts between your fingers and absorbs super easily and just like your other serums, it should be applied first after cleansing. It can be used solo or in rotation with the Beauty Oil, before you moisturise.

At night, I’ve been using a combination of the Beauty Oil ($25) and the Dreamy Night Cream ($30), which is DELICIOUS in its consistency; nice and thick, just the way I like it.

dreamy night cream
I love me a thick night cream. Image: Supplied.

Slather on the Beauty Oil, let it absorb and then follow with the Dreamy Night Cream. The Beauty Oil adds an additional blast of that hempy goodness, and makes me feel all smug as I put myself to bed, knowing I’ll wake up in the morning and have a good skin day.

Beauty Oil
You beauty. Image: Supplied.

I’m super lazy in the morning so I generally just wash my face with water and then apply a thin layer of the Happy Day Cream ($30). It’s gorgeous under makeup as it’s hydrating and really lightweight. I can’t stand anything too heavy during the day as I find I get sweaty and my base separates and looks feral.

The CannaCell range is high-performance, natural skincare - hard to find, but Andalou has done a phenomenal job with their formulations. The products are super nourishing yet don’t break me out (SO MANY products do), so I suspect if you have sensitive or temperamental skin like yours truly, you’ll also be a fan.

If you want to try just one product from the range, obviously I’m going to recommend the Glow Mask, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting the rest of the range quickly, with the added benefit of knowing it’s not going to cost a week’s rent.

So enjoy your skin, my fellow glow hunters. And, don’t forget to let me know your thoughts of the range so I can bask in the glory of so many of you having brilliant skin days on the reg.

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