And the Masterchef winner is...


Imagine cooking for the best chef in the world? That is what Kate and Michael had to do for their final challenge in the Masterchef kitchen.

Presented with a snowman with the skinniest  carrot nose that you have ever seen, Kate and Michael had to cook a dish created by chef René Redzepi from the number one restaurant in the world – Noma in Copenhagen.  But not just any dessert – it was a dessert of carrots, including carrot sorbet dipped in nitrogen and sprayed with yoghurt, a passionfruit mouse and meringue.

The snowman

Aside from the fact that Channel Ten decided to put an episode of Renovators in the middle of the final episode ensuring that every child who has religiously watched Masterchef will have to sleep through school tomorrow, it was pretty nail biting stuff.

I was team Michael all the way but Kate was superb and the judges loved her.

Did you watch Masterchef this year? Were you Team Michael or Team Kate?

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