Those Manolos and a new look for Miranda: All the fashion moments from And Just Like That.

And just like that, three of our favourite New Yorkers are back on screens.

On Thursday night, streaming service Binge dropped the first two episodes of the much-awaited Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, bringing Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York - played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, respectively - back into our lives. 

Only this time, the trio, along with a mix of new and returning characters, are navigating family, friendship, and love in their 50s (without Samantha of course - but you can read all about that here.)

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Video via Binge.

Much like the original series, fashion plays a major role in the reboot. And we need to talk about it immediately.

While the Sex and the City wardrobe was designed by legendary costume designer and stylist Patricia Field, the reboot is styled by Field’s protégée, Molly Rogers, and co-costume designer on the Sex and the City movies, Danny Santiago.

Within minutes of the first episode, it's obvious that Rogers and Santiago have stayed true to the main characters' style but updated it for the time.

Fashion lover Carrie still dons her over-the-top outfits, wearing an array of headpieces, sky-high heels and designer handbags.

Her debut look in the first episode features a black floral jacket, neutral jumpsuit, multi-coloured heels and a feathered hat. In typical Carrie style, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense - but we wouldn't have it any other way.

To complete the look, she wore not one but two handbags. 

Will layered purses become a trend? And feathered caps?

Watch this space.

Oh, and two phones. Image: Getty. 


From the get-go, the show acknowledges the pandemic with the characters talking about social distancing.

Further along in the first episode, Carrie wears a teal blazer, lime green trackpants and layered necklaces, finishing off the look with sparkly silver gloves to protect her hands in public spaces. So far, so Carrie.

Image: Binge.


There are also nods to her most iconic fashion moments from the original series and movies. 

For Charlotte's daughter Lily's piano recital, Carrie brings out her Chanel flower brooch from season three of Sex and the City and her wedding shoes from first Sex and the City movie. Yep, those blue satin Manolo Blahnik pumps.

Image: HBO/Binge.

And in the second episode, for the funeral of a main character (no spoilers here!), she brings back another headpiece and tulle skirt. 

It's classic Carrie with a sombre twist. 

Image: Binge.


Charlotte's style in the reboot follows the conservative and classy aesthetic she was known for in the original series.

Her first outfit features a detailed pink shirt, matching belt and white midi skirt.

Image: HBO/Binge. 

Fashion is also something she insists on introducing to her daughters in the reboot, with her buying matching floral Oscar de la Renta dresses for them to wear to Lily's piano recital. 


Out of the three main characters, Miranda's style takes the biggest departure from her wardrobe in the original series. This time, she's ditched her usual power suiting for a more relaxed vibe - and we're here for it.

Returning to university to receive her Masters, Miranda's got a thing for bright, patterned dresses and bold shirts. She's also forgone her red hair, embracing her greys in the reboot.

Image: Getty. 


The late actor Willie Garson, who played fan-favorite character Stanford Blatch, brings colour-blocking to And Just Like That

His first outfit is a periwinkle blue suit and matching patterned shirt. 

In the second episode, he wears a colourful tie-dyed shirt and yellow pants.


The reboot also introduces several new characters, including Charlotte's friend Lisa Todd Wexley, played by Nicole Ari Parker. 

From her few appearances so far, it’s apparent the character’s style is bold and maximalist, favouring colourful statement accessories and graphic prints.

Image: HBO/Binge. 

With episodes dropping weekly from here, the fashion's only going to ramp up so strap yourselves in - and look out for more nods to the original series. 

In the meantime we'll just be here, dusting off our SATC box set.

Feature image: HBO/Binge/Mamamia.

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