An artist has created scarves using images of her vagina.

For artist Christen Clifford, her body is a natural extension of her art.

In February this year, Clifford created the performance art piece Feminist Peep Show, in which she talked to a crowd while showing them the interior of her vagina with a speculum.

We call that commitment to your craft.

Now, Clifford has kicked it up a notch by taking images from that performance and emblazoning them on pink silk scarves. Eloquently naming them “Pussy Bow.”

Clifford said the 100 percent silk accessory, which she is selling for $50 each, is a “natural extension” of her work.

“I was called “genitally motivated” by a professor once,” Clifford wrote on her Pussy Bow website.”I remember thinking, “Aren’t we all?“

“Recently, somebody messaged me with a link to a vibrator that doubled as an internal camera. They thought it was a joke. I ordered one right away.

Inside Clifford’s vagina. Image via .

“This photo (above) is of vaginal muscle near my cervix, with some vaginal mucus.  It looks like a leaf pattern to me. I love the colours, how the warm fluid turns to an almost cool blue.We all look kinda pink on the inside.

“I love silk. I decided to print my photo into a pattern onto this soft fabric, rip it into strips and and tie it around my neck.

It’s a Pussy Bow. Get it? Image via .

“For me, it’s just my pussy. And I’d love for you to wear it around your neck,” she writes.

We would like that too.

Best of all , 10 per cent of all proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood, so “you don’t have feel guilty about your vag spending”.

Well, that’s Christmas sorted then.

This is definitely intentional. But for things that ACCIDENTALLY look like vaginas…