An apology…

A blog is a lot like a hungry baby that requires constant feeding, rocking, patting and general attending to. In fact, it often does feel like I'm breast-feeding my laptop.

That's OK because I like to breast-feed. But right now, I'm struggling a little bit lot to juggle the various needs of various aspects of life and, well, you know, I only have two boobs (except when I'm wearing a really tight sports bra which I need for support during exercise but which disconcertingly creates two extra boobs kind of under my armpits – this is a bitch).


Anyway. You know my book? The one which is 6 MONTHS LATE due to the fact that I wrote the first draft when I was pregnant and hormonal which somehow conspired to cause me to WRITE THE WRONG BOOK and then have to practically bin the whole thing like some absurd author cliche and start again? Yes, that book. Well, it's due in a few days and I am madly trying to finish it. Also, I'm breast-feeding my real baby and those other two kids of mine also require rather a lot of my time and attention (can you believe it?) and I also have been doing my Sunday column and so…..

What I'm TRYING to say is that I'm sorry that my posts have been a little on the light and superficial side of late. So many frocks, yes I know. So much 'show' and not nearly as much 'tell' as I would like to give you.
My publishers at Harper Collins have been so lovely and gracious with extending my deadline from June this year to pre-Xmas and moving the on-sale date from next April to next Sept. My family have also been amazing to allow me to scurry off and work in any spare moment at home. I'm hoping you guys will be equally understanding that sometimes life gets in the way and we can't always do everything as well as we would like. Well, I can't anyway.

So if you've been noticing any shifts in content, that's why. I fyou haven't been noticing any shift, I am an idiot for drawing your attention to it. Or maybe you just like frocks. Me too but I want to balance that with lots more and I'm thisclose to be able to do just that. For you.

Loving you long time.
M x

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