The lyrics everyone in Australia seems to be getting wrong right now.

I have never been more certain of anything as I was the lyrics to Amy Shark’s two time platinum song ‘I Said Hi’.

If you think you don’t know it, you do. It’s on the radio precisely always and she performed it at Wednesday nights ARIA awards.


It’s a great song, obviously.

So great that I can be heard walking around my house yelling, “TELL YA MUM I SAID HI, BLA BLA BLUB BLA, TELL YA MUM I SAID HI, HAVE A NICE DAY…” at which point I start coughing profusely because my voice cannot handle the intensity of my singing.

I imagined that the song was maybe about a girl with a broken heart who is passively aggressively telling their partner to say hi to their mum.

And then I came across a Tweet that said: “Up until this week I thought Amy Shark was saying ‘tell your mum I said hi’.”

Ha. Haha.

Imagine thinking that haha.

Wait isn't that what she's saying wtf.

Well, no.

Apparently she's singing: "Tell them all I said hi, bla bla blab bla, etc. etc."

The song is actually a middle finger to the music industry who ignored her before her song Adore went viral and has nothing at all to do with anyone's mum.

I'll just go back to singing Fatboy Slim's 'Praise you like a shoe' and that Adele song about 'Should I give up or should I just kept chasing penguins', as not to embarrass myself.

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