Amy Schumer reveals her first sexual experience was non-consenual.

In the August issue of Marie Claire, hitting newsstands July 19, Amy Schumer opened up about losing her virginity, and it’s sadly a story many women share.

Schumer told the magazine that while working on her upcoming memoir, she realised that her first sexual experience was not consensual.

“My first sexual experience was not a good one,” the 35-year-old comedian and actress told the magazine about losing her virginity at age 17.

“I didn’t think about it until I started reading my journal again. When it happened, I wrote about it almost like a throwaway. It was like, ‘And then I looked down and realised he was inside me.’

He was saying, ‘I’m so sorry’ and ‘I can’t believe I did this.’ ”

According to the Huffington Post, who saw an advance copy of the full article, Schumer says, “This was 17 years ago. There are just so many factors.”

The Trainwreck star, who has been in a relationship with furniture designer Ben Hanisch since late 2015 says the man she lost her virginity to is no longer in her life and that she feels no need to punish him.

Unfortunately that incident was not the only time Schumer has experienced non-consensual sex.

She also says, “I had another time with a boyfriend where I was saying, ‘No, stop,’ and it was just completely ignored.”

Schumer doesn’t refer to herself as a victim in the piece but she does speak about the culture of victim-blaming.

“You know, with the rape survivor, it’s not just shaming, it’s fury,” she said.

“It makes people so mad if you’re not a perfect victim.”