Amy Schumer told the world she’s dating Bradley Cooper. But they're not.

It could happen to anyone.

Bradley Cooper is so charismatic that if you engage him in conversation, you may mistakenly come to the conclusion you’re dating him. Apparently.

Amy Schumer, 34, made this error when she ran into the dreamboat at the Time 100 Most Influential people party earlier this year.

Bradley Cooper says no to social media.
So. Dreamy.

“There were all these, like, ebola fighters, people making a real difference, but I wanted to talk to Bradley Cooper,” she told Jimmy Fallon.

“Like, he’s made a difference for me.” Us too, Amy. Us too.

Whenever Schumer sees 40-year-old Cooper “I always harass him,” she said, adding that she shouts his name hysterically to make her sister laugh.

“So anyway, I’m talking to Bradley and he’s like really charismatic and stares in your eyes and asks you questions which like no man does. That’s all you have to do, guys,” she informed the audience. “Just half pay attention to what we say.”

“So I left the interaction, like, am I dating Bradley Cooper? I was like, Amy Cooper?”

“So I got home and changed my Facebook status to ‘In a relationship with Bradley Cooper’.”

Watch Amy Schumer talking about her brief and wondrous affair with Bradley Cooper.

Video via NBC

Unfortunately, Schumer discovered in the most painful way possible that she was not, in fact, dating the actor: by seeing him with his actual girlfriend, supermodel Irina Shayk.

Irina Shayk: “What it looks like when a panther and a leopard mate.”

“So here’s me in my sad nurse’s outfit and Irina — it looks like a panther and a leopard mated and just made the most bangable human… She sounds like she’s having an orgasm when she talks.”

It’s ok, Amy, we really love you (for what it’s worth).

The eminently dateable Amy Schumer…


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