The trailer for Amy Schumer's new movie has been released. And some people are furious.

Earlier this week, the trailer for Amy Schumer’s upcoming movie, I Feel Pretty, was released.

It’s already causing controversy.

In the movie Schumer plays Renee, a woman who suffers from low self esteem and worries about her appearance.

Then Renee falls off her bicycle during a SoulCycle class and hits her head. When she comes around she looks in the mirror and suddenly starts seeing herself as a supermodel.

With this renewed confidence, Renee starts tackling different parts of her life – her career, her friendships, her love life.

In summary, it feels like a body positive version of Trainwreck. It’s a comedy with a feel good message that showcases a body that’s a little bit different to the the bodies we’re used to seeing on screen.

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However, not everyone is happy about Schumer’s upcoming film. Comedian Sofie Hagen has raised several questions about the trailer on Twitter.

First she wondered who the trailer is actually supposed to appeal to, writing: “Amy Schumer is blonde, white, able-bodied, femme and yes, thin. She IS society’s beauty ideal. So they give her a ponytail and remove her make-up and suddenly she’s ugly? Why not just give her glasses or a fat suit? What is wrong with this world?”

“Who is this meant to resonate with? Before we can enjoy the premise, surely we have to buy into the fact that she is not pretty. How many of us are bigger than her? Are we supposed to accept that THIS is ugly when it’s all we’ve been taught that we should aim for?”


Hagen also found the whole, erm, hitting your head to feel pretty story line a little problematic.

There were others on Twitter who also shared similar views:



While some saw it as a feel good movie that’s trying to spread an important message:



Speaking to Ellen, Schumer described her latest project as a “really sweet and funny movie that will make us all feel better”.

I Feel Pretty will be out in cinemas later this year.

What do you think of the trailer, will you be watching the movie?