Amy Schumer and her boyfriend just survived the ultimate relationship test: food poisoning.

Oh, to be young and in love in the most romantic city in the world, Paris.

That’s exactly what was on the table for comedian Amy Schumer and boyfriend Ben Hanisch during their recent visit to the city of love.

What wasn’t on the menu, however, was a nasty bout of food poisoning.

Living out what is sure to be every woman’s nightmare, Amy was rushed to hospital in the French capital to be treated for dehydration after hours and hours of throwing up with her new boyf in tow. Oh, babe.

No red flags with this girl

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You can see it now, right? Ben holding back her hair, as Amy watches all their romantic plans getting flushed down the toilet. Literally.

Never one to let an awkward situation get her down, Amy made light of her hospital gig with a series of hilarious Instagram videos.

Amy pretended to be on an online dating show as she introduced herself in the video.

Pretty fired up to meet someone

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“Hi, OK, um, this is my first time making one of these videos, but, um, it’s a new time. So, My name is Amy. I’m 35. I love grabbing life by the horns and experiencing everything and I love music and food…


I really just want someone to share all of that with. So I am taking a chance.”


All we can say, Amy, is that if you can be in hospital, smelling vaguely like your own vomit, with sweaty hair and no makeup and he’s still into you? You’ve got a winner.

Needless to say, Ben has seriously scored, too. Who the heck is still cracking jokes from a hospital bed? Amy Schumer, duh.

Anyway, our girl seems to be on the mend, with a shot uploaded of Amy gingerly working through a bowl of chicken broth as she looks out to the Eiffel Tower.

The caption reads, “Trying to eat chicken broth post puke fest.” Oh man, we know that feeling well. *gags*

Trying to eat chicken broth post puke fest

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Trooper Ben obviously isn’t a sympathetic spewer, with Amy’s final photo from Paris showing the cute couple lying side-by-side in bed as she winces at the camera.

Thanks for everything Paris! Except the food poisoning. #nooooooooooo #balmain #nyfw

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