The people who bought the American Horror Story house are now living their own worst nightmare.

Note to self: never buy a house that’s famous for being featured in a horror anthology series.

It turns out the couple who bought the spooky-looking house from American Horror Story are experiencing, well, their own little horror story.

But it’s not ghosts in weird latex onesies harassing them – it’s fans. Crazy, hell-bent fans who are determined to get inside the famous house to take selfies.

Yep, this is the world we live in now.

Ernst Von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold told CBS they have been inundated with fans both day and night since they purchased the home.

“We have had several break-ins. We have had on three or four occasions just in the last year, had to call the police,” Oakenfold said.

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The married couple said fans will stop at nothing to get inside the house, they climb fences, scale walls, and one group of teenagers even got a lift from a garbage truck.

“He put them in the crane and elevated it. And I’m in the bathroom and I look out the window and there are teenage girls screaming at me,” Oakenfold said.

Oakenfold and Von Schwarz are now suing the person who sold them the house, and the realtor, for not warning them about the deluge of fans.

“We Googled the house of course like everybody else would. But if you Google the house you find a lot of movies have been filmed here…. Lastly the ‘American Horror Story,’ which I have never seen, you had never seen,” Von Schwartz told CBS.

“We feel like they cheated us,” Oakenfold explained.

“We want to live here of course. But it is very difficult because we don’t feel safe,” Von Schwarz added.

The couple bought the Rosenheim Mansion in 2015 for $3.2 million. They’re suing for unspecified damages and they want approval to build a bigger fence or a tall hedge out of the front of the property so they can have more privacy.

Also, the couple believe the house is haunted by two ghosts.