We demand to know why women in Paradise aren't forming an orderly line for American Alex.

*Warning: thirsty post ahead*

There is something very strange going on in Bachelor in Paradise.

And no, it’s not the couple-swapping game of musical chairs that intensified 10-fold this evening.

It’s sheer the lack of attention on Alex.

American Alex, we mean.

Known by his real birth name of Alex Bordyukov, from Season 13 of US The Bachelorette.

As in this fella:

The guy has one of those faces that make you feel as though you might spontaneously forget how to speak and maybe breathe if you look directly at him.

No, really.




From day one in Fiji, the female contestants seemed more interested in Paddy and Nathan (!!!) than Alex, who not only looks like a Greek God but is lovely and normal and kind and sweet.

… By which we mean he hasn’t made any sleazy comments or picked random fights with people and GAVE BROOKE HIS JUMPER WHEN SHE WAS COLD.

Standards are… low, but seriously: What. Is. Going. On?!

Okay, yes, he does seem very hung up on Brooke at this point in time, but we fail to understand why no other women (apart from intruder Zoe) seem to be trying to get to know him.

HE BARELY HAD ANY SCREEN TIME TONIGHT which is very sad for him (us).

We want to shake them all and remind them that Osher put them on this island for a reason and they should NOT be wasting this opportunity.

…Not to mention the viewing public are not ready to see him sent home.

Behold, from the thirsty depths of Twitter:



So please, ladies of Paradise. Give Alex a chance not just for yourselves, but for Australia.

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