Johnny Depp's deeply disturbing message written for Amber Heard in his own blood.

Amber Heard has made shocking new allegations against her ex, Johnny Depp, in court papers she recently filed against the actor.

The 30-year-old actress claims that the Pirates Of The Caribbean star “cut off the tip of his finger” during a “fit of rage” while “drunk and high on ecstasy” and dipped it in blue paint to write allegations of infidelity on the wall.

Photos shows the words “Billy Bob” written on the wall, who Amber claims is her former co-star Billy Bob Thornton. Depp reportedly accused his wife of having an affair with the 61-year-old actor, who was previously married to Angelina Jolie.


Extremely graphic photos submitted in court also show Depp’s severed finger, with Heard’s lawyers claiming Johnny didn’t seek medical attention for 24 hours.

The incident occurred in March last year, while Depp and his wife were in Australia filming the latest installment of the Pirates franchise.

The new allegations come just days after a video showing Depp slamming kitchen cabinets and drinking red wine emerged online.

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Heard denied leaking the tape, telling E! News, “It as not what I wanted and I am doing what I can to force the media to take it off the internet.”

“I am not responsible for the release of the video,” she said.

Soon after filing for divorce from Johnny in May, Amber was granted a restraining order, which has since been extended for two more months.

Amber submitted photos in court, showing bruises around her eyes.

Heard submitted images of injuries she allegedly suffered, appearing to show bruising around her eye after she says Depp "hurled an iPhone" at her face. Heard claimed Depp was abusing drugs and alcohol at the time, but revealed he had been abusive on more than one occasion.