A hundred of Johnny Depp's exes could come forward, it doesn't make Amber Heard a liar.

After a weekend of shocking developments, distressing photos and fast-moving reports, TMZ has published a letter reportedly written by Johnny Depp’s ex Vanessa Paradis defending him in light of abuse claims by Amber Heard.

In the letter, the mother of his two children describes Johnny as “sensitive, loving and loved”. She continues, “I believe with all my heart that these recent allegations being made are outrageous.”

“In all the years I have known Johnny, he has never been physically abusive with me and this looks nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years.”

The heartfelt note comes after Lori Anne Allison, who was married to Johnny for two years back in the 80s, also claimed her ex isn’t capable of hitting a woman.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis
Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis in 2008. Image via Getty

It doesn’t matter if these are the only two exes who defend Johnny, or ten come forward every day until this heartbreaking situation is ruled on by the courts. Your chemistry with one person can make you very different to how you’ve ever been before. One person can bring out a side that’s never shown itself before – you may not have even known yourself that you had it in you. This is as true with positive qualities as negatives ones.

Only Johnny and Amber know the truth at this stage. I’m as confused and saddened as most people, and we have every right to be cautious, but we should not presume that Amber is lying simply because friends and family defend him.

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Video via Channel 9

With people so swift to condemn and quick to judge, it’s no wonder that victims of domestic violence are so petrified about coming forward. Shaming, scathing, hateful words have saturated social media and vicious doubts and accusations have been poured through keyboards. Where is our compassion, composure and stoicism?

Distasteful hostility, malice and cruel contempt seem to be the default, hasty response and I’ve read comments that have brought tears to my eyes. “She looks like she went with a red Crayola pen to her face,” one wrote, and “she’s a disrespectful, gold digging, no good bratty bitch”.

johnny depp amber heard
Johnny and Amber in Queensland in April facing court over the dog debacle. Image via Getty

There is no single image of what domestic violence looks like. There is no checklist of boxes that have to be ticked in order to qualify, and there is no one type of person who is capable of abusing their partner. Abusers wear suits as much as tracksuits and bank accounts range from hefty negatives to bulging multi-million dollars. They are often loved by their family and friends who shake their heads and say, “No. He’s not capable of that” when allegations are made.

Their friends and family may be correct. Equally, they may be incorrect.

What I do know is this, I have an ex who was with a partner for many years before he met me. They had a calm, stable relationship that just lacked the wild sex that I brought. The price for that passion was abusive scars that will adorn my body and mind forever. His ex would never have imagined the side of him that I brought out and his friends would not have believed the rage he was capable of either.


This morning it’s also reported that Amber was married to former love Taysa Van Ree, who Johnny was incredibly jealous of. Again, vile reactors have been quick to throw abusive comments such as “this is the risk you take if you knowingly marry someone who’s bisexual” and “it is not wise to marry a bisexual”. What vile, ignorant rubbish.

Amber Heard with former wife Taysa Van Ree
Amber Heard and Taysa Van Ree in 2011. Image via Getty.

Leave sexuality aside, more to the point is the sad truth that toxic relationships rarely have serene fairy-tale endings. There is a very thin line between love and hate, and we know that Johnny and Amber had a toxic relationship. She was reportedly banned from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales last year because of the constant drama on set. At the time reports said they had been “fighting non-stop”, “their fighting has become unbearable” and “enough was enough, and producers politely asked Johnny to send Amber home as soon as possible.”

A toxic relationship is a ticking time-bomb. If a dangerous combination of triggers are pressed at a time of heightened emotions – like the death of a beloved parent – it can self-destruct.

Whether it's words, a hand or a phone that is thrown, agonising harm is done and lives are shattered. Aside from the broken glass, sometimes the process of picking up the pieces and clearing up after the wild, tumultuous fight can take a lifetime.

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