5 unique Christmas gift ideas for the home you'll sneakily want for yourself.

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Wow, Christmas time has rolled around quick this year. Advent calendars have begun their countdown, a random cousin has likely confirmed their place at the Chrissie dinner table and the kids are testing your creativity with Elf on The Shelf (again).

If you’re anything like me, I approach Christmas gift shopping semi-late in the game and with a definite sense of trepidation.

I’m also comfortable with admitting that I give gifts that I actually like receiving. So much so that I’m prone to adding at least one present just for myself *cough* I mean the home.

Look, the essence of Christmas is about sharing, caring and memorable family bonding. But when it comes to the crunch, nobody really wants to be gifted with a lame coffee mug, an ill-fitting reindeer tee or nondescript chocolate that tastes like soap with a more than a hint of abandonment.

So we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the best Christmas gifts for the home, whether you’re looking for unique homewares for a friend or sneakily getting something for your family that you can benefit from too.

Unwind and crack open the bubbles – before that random cousin arrives and quite possibly drinks you dry.

1. Buy From The Bush.

Get into the Christmas spirit and purchase a few gifts from a regional small business and in turn support Australia’s drought-ravaged communities (all on the Instagram page @buyfromthebush).

A cute coin purse from The Beauty Room Warren makes for a pretty and yes, affordable present for the ladies. They also have beautiful handmade plates, bowls and reusable coffee cups.

Meanwhile, the green thumbs in the house will likely appreciate gardening clippers and carrier bundle courtesy of the gorgeous Little Echidna Home store in Tenterfield. They also have great unbreakable enamelware, which is perfect if you’ve got clumsy kids (and adults) around your house.

2. Tech wizardry for everyone.

On-trend tech for the home is a reliable way to ensure that you’ve scored something quality that is beneficial to everybody in the family.

The all-new Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) smart speaker (currently $39) with Alexa is a very handy gadget to take the household into 2020.

It’s the most popular voice-controlled speaker from Amazon’s range, because it basically has capabilities for everything. Let’s start with a few: streaming music, answering questions, finding questions, reading the news, operating sleep and relaxation sounds, checking the weather, setting alarms, turning on lights and controlling compatible smart home devices. And you can play games with the whole family too.

If you’re after a compact accessory to put by your bedside, the nifty Echo Show 5  ($79) is like the Alexa-enabled organiser you didn’t know you needed in your life. With its 5.5″ smart display, this product can do practical things like manage you calendar, make to-do lists or give weather and traffic updates; or it can be your go-to entertainment device with news, TV shows, radio and audiobooks. You can personalise the clock face with a photo – a nice little touch.


3. Lady startups for the home.

Personalise your gift choice with a thoughtful sense of independence with some inspiration from Mamamia‘s very own @ladystartups Instagram page for Australian women who run their own small businesses.

There’s a unique assortment of home-orientated products you can find, all begging to be packaged in classy gift wrap and sealed with love.

Personalised doormats from the aptly named Walk All Over Me doormats are a neat choice for sure.

As is the charming coffee table book What Does a Farmer Look Like?, which is filled with poignant yet everyday scenes of rural life in Australia. I love flicking through the series of landscape shots that truly captivate outback life.

4. Decorative touches from Country Road.

Want to update your kitchen space with decorative accessories like these adorable tea lights (pictured above)? Check out the elegant homewares range from the impeccable lot at Country Road.

May we suggest you source a few of their sleek serving platters – go ahead and artfully tsunami them with Christmas treats, such as a creamy Tasmanian Brie, fresh cherries and spicy salami.

Country Road’s Alto Coupe Glassware makes for a lovely gift for the home too. I did my research (maybe daily last week at 5pm ssshh) and found that cocktails do indeed taste better when presented in a sophisticated glass design. Mix-up a jug of blood orange margaritas for Christmas lunch and get the party started.

5.  Boho-style rugs for all purposes.

The term ‘you do you’ has slipped into our collective vernacular and I for one can only encourage people to adopt a heightened policy of self-love. Sure, Christmas is about sharing and caring but one cannot give from an empty cup.

It’s clear that material things won’t buy you happiness, but good gosh they’ll get you comfort. Enter my favourite picnic rug/bean bag/floor cushion/table runner brand, ThrowDown Original.

Their waterproof picnic rugs are durable and feature an eye-catchingly pretty designs. These products are ideal for ‘throwing down’ casually (though if you’re like me, you may have secretly rearranged the area 10 times in order to make it appear haphazard) on the ground for a mid-afternoon siesta after Christmas lunch feast.

Tip: I do me by plonking the beanbag in the garden under the trees, just so long as that esky is in reach.

Have you got some ideas to recommend? Let us know below.

Feature image: Little Echidna/Amazon Echo

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