Amazon Australia is about to launch, and here's how it's going to change your life.

Get ready online shoppers of Australia (so, all of us then.) –  Amazon is coming.

In case you didn’t know, Amazon, specifically Amazon Marketplace, is an online shopping hub currently available to customers in the US and some other countries, including the UK.

And from Thursday certain people will be able to access and order from the Aussie version (though we don’t know who exactly this is yet). For the rest of us, the company is expected to roll-out nationwide delivery over the coming weeks.

So what can you expect when Amazon Marketplace starts delivering to you?

What the site looks like now. (Image via

Well, you can think of it like a giant department store. At the moment, only sells audiobooks and kindles, but soon you'll be able to stock up on just about everything. From beauty products, clothing and shoes, to kid's toys and sports goods. There's even a food and groceries arm in the US.

Basically, you can buy anything from Amazon and with it's more-often-than-not cheaper prices, it could quickly become your go-to, one-stop-shop for everything.

In the US, the sellers range from small business owners to much larger, well-known brands, as well as some Amazon-branded products.  It's like what eBay has transformed into from its second-hand stage, with plenty of sellers stocking only new products. So if you've got a homemade sock business you're looking to expand, now's the time to hop on Amazon as a seller.

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If all of this doesn't sound like a big deal, consider that 43 percent of online sales in the US are through Amazon. Yep, that's almost half.

While predictions vary about what Amazon will do to Australia's retail sector, some analysts have compared Amazon's arrival to Netflix's - and we all know how much that changed our lives. Speaking of Netflix, Amazon also has a movie and TV and separate music streaming services.

Are you excited about Amazon Marketplace launching in Australia?

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