"A gift from Amy": there's an incredible birth story behind these photographs.

When Genevieve Georget of Fifteen:Fifty-One Photography agreed to take photos of the birth of Hilde and Christian’s baby, it was always going to be a remarkable set of images that were captured through her lens.

After all, their story is a remarkable one. A story that would shine through, and far beyond, the dimensions and pixels of a photograph.

According to Genevieve’s blog post that accompanies the striking images, she explains that Hilde and Christian’s “dreams were ripped from them” when cancer struck and it meant they would never be able to carry a child.

But then they met Amy. Amy was from Canada. “She took their hands in her own” and offered to be their surrogate.

Hilde and Christian travelled all the way from Norway for the birth and on June 29th, 2016, a tiny baby girl entered the world.

It would be Hilde and Christian’s, a gift from Amy. These photos tell you everything words can’t.


For more from Genevieve Georget, follow her blog here, or on Facebook here.

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