She was told as a child she would never be a mum, now she's in the running for mother of the year.

As a child, Amanda Richter was told by doctors that she could never have a family of her own due to her physical disability, but Richter never lost faith, always knowing that one day she would overcome the odds.

At 29, Richter is now mum to seven-year-old Hailee, with a second baby on the way.

But it hasn’t been an easy path.

Richter suffers from spina bifida, a spinal birth defect which has left her wheelchair bound for most of her life.

Speaking to The Mercury, Richter’s husband Steven said, “Everyone doubted her ability to be a parent, simply because she is confined to a wheelchair”.

“Again she proves them wrong every day and our daughter has not missed out on anything at all,” he said.

Now she’s been nominated as Tasmanian finalist for the 2016 Mother of the Year Award, and is in the running for the national title.

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Video by Barnardos

Richter was originally nominated for the award by Steven, whose full-time workload requires Amanda to act as the primary caregiver to Hailee for much of the time. He says his wife’s determination and capability is inspiring.

And in happy news for the Huon-based family is expecting the arrival of baby number two in coming months.

“If Amanda is willing to do all of this again for an unborn child, then she strongly deserves to be Barnardos Mother of the Year,” Steven said.

Barnardos Australia says Richter is one impressive woman, and the nomination is well deserved.

“Amanda has overcome all odds, both physical and emotional, to realise her dream of raising her own family and has not let her physical disabilities get in the way of pursuing the best opportunities for her daughter, Hailee.”

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