The chilling first look at Netflix's Amanda Knox doco is here. We're already obsessed.

Amanda Knox has been the subject of intense speculation for nine years — and this only mounts with Netflix releasing two divisive trailers for its hotly anticipated documentary on her case.

In 2007, British student Meredith Kercher was murdered while on exchange in Italy. The 21-year-old was found lying on her bed with her throat cut in the apartment she shared with Knox.

Knox served four years in prison for murder before being definitively acquitted in 2015.

“We weren’t best friends but I was so shocked by what happened to her,” Knox reveals in the new doco chronicling the case.

“Suddenly I found myself tossed into this dark place.

“I was so scared. I don’t know what else to say.”

Video via Netflix

Set to be released on the September 30, the film contains never-before-seen interviews with Knox and promises “unprecedented access to key people involved and never-before-seen archival material.”

At the time the case captured the public imagination with Knox being portrayed as a sex-crazed psychopath, after she and her then boyfriend and co-accused, Raffaele Sollecito , were seen canoodling after the murder.

As more evidence came to light – and another murderer was implicated – Knox was increasingly seen as a victim in her own right, manipulated by the Italian police in a bungled investigation.

Two trailers for have been released so far, playing on the two narratives: “Suspect Her” and “Believe Her”.

The first positioning her as guilty and the second framing her as innocent.

In “Suspect Her”  reporter Nick Pisa accuses the couple of “performing cartwheels and kissing each other” in a way that “did not look like grief”.

“Believe Her” tells another story – of a lost and traumatised young girl struggling to move on.

“I was just a child,” Knox admits.

It appears the documentary will also feature new interviews with the Italian prosecutor of the case, Guiliano Mignini.

Knox herself sums up the viewer’s dilemma in a final, chilling sentence: “Either I’m a psychopath in sheep’s clothing, or I’m just like you.”

One things for sure: we can’t wait to watch.