A bodybuilder shared an ANZAC Day selfie. Now everybody is outraged.

Australian Body Builder Amanda Doherty has been heavily criticised for accompanying her latest bikini selfie with an ANZAC Day message.

The Melbourne-based bodybuilder posted three side-by-side full body selfies of herself in a tiny bikini on Instagram with a caption that read:

“Hallelujah! I’m back in my church @dohertysgym Reflecting on my life and sending thoughts and prayers out to the #anzac #anzacday hero men and [women]…LEST WE  FORGET”

Image via Instagram @amandajdoherty

No stranger to the bikini selfie, Doherty has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and the comments quickly rolled in.

"Really poor form to tag Anzac Day on this pic," One Instagram user (@thisismissjanine) commented. "Incredibly disrespectful."

Several users urged Doherty to remove the hashtags or take the post down. Including Instagram user @trumpy900 who commented:

"WTF has this righteous post got to do with ANZAC? Remove it."

After just a couple of hours, the post had 885 likes and fifty comments. But four hours after posting the original image, Amanda Doherty removed the image and posted a more socially acceptable tribute that said:

I have much respect for the Anzac Hero's

I apologise if I offended anyone with my last post.

Sometimes my life get busy and I try to do too much to quick.

No disrespect intended..

I grew up virtually in the Austrslian Army.

I was born in New Guinea to a young Australian Army soldier and his young wife @lee2rob serving there at that time.

My father and my grand, great grand fathers all served in the Australian Army and I'm proud to be #Australian today and much respect to the current, past and fallen soldiers .. #lestweforget

The response to Amanda Doherty's new ANZAC Day tribute has been much more positive.

"Aww honey, it's OK you are human," commented Instagram user Jasmine Seary.

"Thank you for removing the earlier post," commented Instagram user Sian Sugarloaf. "It doesn't matter what your intentions initially were - it wasn't appropriate."

"But I appreciate that you reconsidered it and took it down."

"Not everyone has the guts to acknowledge a mistake, so I respect that you did."

The new tribute has received 292 likes so far.

An ANZAC Day ode...