Did Amal change her name? The wedding place card says "Yes".

Meet the CLOONEYS.

It may not just be George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin anymore.

It looks like she has taken his name, and they are THE CLOONEYS.

Today’s issue of Woman’s Day.

In a photo spread in Woman’s Day, an image can be seen of Amal’s place card at the wedding (just in case she didn’t know where she was sitting). And it reads…


Nawww. We aren’t sure if that’s her official name yet, so maybe don’t say it to her face. Just whisper it in her general direction and see if she responds. If yes, we can confirm that she has officially changed her name, so let us know.

And if yes, is it weird that we’re a bit surprised that Amal, 36, made that choice? She’s a lawyer with a stellar career who specialises in human rights, international law and extradition. She speaks three languages. We thought she’d be pretty proud of what she’d achieved as an Alamuddin. Not that it’s any of our beeswax, of course.

The couple were married in an elaborate four-day event over the weekend, and this is what we’ve learned since:

  • The newlyweds gave all the wedding guests iPods as gifts, with a playlist of the couple’s favourite songs. (Since Bono was a guest, it’s safe to say U2 probably forced their way onto that playlist…)
  • Heaps of celebrities were there. Famous things were discussed.
  • Amal wore an Oscar de la Renta dress. And she also wore other amazing outfits, including PANTS, people. PANTS.
  • Their wedding song was Irving Berlin’s song Always, which was George’s parents wedding song.
  • Venice pretty much shut down, and the Internet pretty much exploded.

Congratulations to THE CLOONEYS… or, if the name-changing was just a one-day thing…


Much wedding. Much elaborate. Much Venice: